Do you think there will be a teaser today?


ooooh i was hyped. 3 more days? ooooooooooh.


Most likely Friday. If they go with the old pace, Wednesday is an extremely vague teaser, Thursday is something a bit better, (sometimes Friday is another teaser with Saturday having a spotlight.)


They may release early but I don’t think they will change their schedule for that, so it’s either we get lucky and we get the PTR on 31/12 or on 7/1.

For teasers and spotlight it will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sunday being the hero announcment or/and with the spotlight release.


That would imply Blizzard cares about their community, which they don’t. They know plenty of people will be doing video game things like purchases today. They can save the hype for a slower period.


im checking twitter every 6h ,still no teaser :frowning:


Teasers/Announcements are always released 30 minutes as we speaking, if anything we may expect an unexpected Tuesday balance patch but we already got one a week ago, and there’s always a 2 week gap between Tuesday patch notes.


30 min from now?like exactly exactly ?


Maybe the teasers are scheduled on their twitter page? And no one has to work on their Twitter account? Just like you can schedule messages on your mobile phone at a certain time of the day it will be sent. :slight_smile:


They almost never tease on Tuesdays, and it is Christmas Day here, so I wouldn’t expect anything before Friday at the earliest.


In the statement given by the remaining crew the said the next hero will be released within the next couple months. So I am thinking late Jan Feb.


Nope. PTR is the first week of January, launch will be the second.


They explicitly stated the 85th hero will be on PTR the first week of January.


I’m expecting an under-the-radar hero release like Lunara.


Lunara, along with Chogall and Greymane were all announced at Blizzcon 2015. Not sure if that’s really under the radar.


If you wanna put BlizzCon into the perspective, the main reason Alexstrasza probably wasn’t under the radar was because she weighed a megaton and Hanzo was carrying her.


They did say a new hero would be dropping into the ptr on the first week of January, which is next week. So, I’d say we should be getting teasers starting Thursday-Saturday, then they’ll reveal it on sunday and drop the spotlight and ptr on Monday or Tuesday.


Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but since the PTR ALWAYS starts on a Monday, and next Monday is December 31st (as in: “not the first week of January”) we “probably” wont see any teasers until a week from Thursday, and the PTR itself “probably” wont start until January 7th. (Or in other words, the PTR is still probably still 2 weeks away.)


Holidays could be a special exception, given that the usual PTR day happens to be New Years. It may get delayed until Tuesday.

And regardless of what day the week starts on, the first days of January are next week, ergo it’s the first week of the month.


unlikely. We’ll probably see something on the 2nd-5th. With PTR likely on the 7th. live probably on the 14th-15th.


Considering Blaze had a pretty odd set of teaser and PTR release I think we can expect the next hero to also follow the same suite due to the holidays. Blaze’s teaser came out on the 21st of December last year and his actual PTR release was on January 2, 2018 which was a Tuesday not a Monday. His spotlight and such were also released on PTR day at January 2.