Disconnects and lag in game with good internet connection

I have been having disconnect and lag issues in game while my internet connection is fine everywhere else. it is not consistent on when it happens, some nights it works great others it just seems to have trouble with the connection to the blizzard servers. Everytime my internet has been absolutley fine it is just the game that this issue is happening in. The problem started about 3 weeks ago. I want to make blizzard aware of this so hopefully the issue can be fixed as from what I see in the forums I am not the only one that has been running into this issue.

Bumping up this issue.

My friends & I are all having it at the moment and it’s quite unplayable.

I answered here with a detailed answer for someone having it too

Thank you for the reply on this and sending me to that reddit thread about it. This problem is making the game unplayable about half the time for me. just tonight I had a game that played just fine then the next game I spent over ten minutes of the game just reconnecting, didn’t even load in initially. Hope blizzard does something about this issue soon.