Disconnected/reconnected to server while in game

Hi, I am at a loss of what to do.

I have a computer i7 3.20GHz 16GB RAM and a graphic card GTX1050Ti on windows 10. I was able to play in the past with no problem with it. Something change. I can most of the time log in and the client open up. I can load Heros of the storm and can play ONE game in coop. While in game I continously get disconnected and reconnected to the voice chat. When the game is ove, after some time. I get disconnected from the server and reconnec again. When that happen, I can’t see my own hero or those of my teamates. The button to launch another game is gray. No game mode is available (it said to wait for game mode to download) If I get a loot box and want to open it well it don’t open. I am force each time to close the entire game and reopen it the play again. I checked my firewall. Deleted the folder cache and so on. Please help me. Have a good day