Diablo's charge pushes too far


It just feels impossible to position against. Even on more “open” maps like warhead it’s hard to avoid the charge in the jungle, and the punishment for getting wallbanged is so extreme that diablo can deal 70%+ of the typical squishies HP on his own with 0 help just by double wallbang and auto attacks. How many times have you been standing there and diablo charges from off your screen and knocks you into apparently nothing but thin air within 10 meters of a corner? Probably more times than you can count. Terrain colision feels pretty broken imo, and having a hero like diablo who preys on that feels unfair.

There’s a reason diablo is a top ban/pick hero up till the highest levels of play. He is overtuned. His winrate isnt anything exceptional, but just look at the playrate. I would honestly rather play vs malganis than diablo. at least he cant delete squishies out of nowhere.

Overall diablo is pretty overwhelming right now and a nerf would be fair. I would suggest his charge push range, because getting wallbangs feels too easy and consistent for a decent diablo player. He’s very low risk high reward as a hero which seems silly as he’s supposed to be a “risky all in tank”.

He has two peel abilities, a titanic healthpool, incredible damage, and very good self sustain. I just want it to be more difficult for him to stunlock people the way he currently does.

I think its fair to have him reward players who can consistently get these wallbangs, I just think the wallbangs are too easy to get right now. Reducing the push range fixes this.


Well certainly that Diablo stun is very powerful, but some will say away from the walls, sometimes you can do others not because they are just fighting in a narrow area or because the scope of that skill in my opinion is also very long. I think that what they should do with that stun of Diablo is: turn it into skill shot and reduce the range and distance of push and change increase the damage and reduce the CD a few seconds.