Deep Bronze 5 need help climbing out

Long time player. Stuck in trollville. Rather climb out than start a new account. Would like to find a regular team to work at it.

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My battle tested method is as follows - takes about a year to take actual effect.

  1. Download Heroes Profile Uploader. Upload all your matches.
  2. Play as many heroes in QM as you can. Do not play your best heroes in between, or you will corrupt the experience (inflate your MMR). I use a script to roll a hero (easy version is 1…88) for me.
  3. Decide whether to play X matches on a day or for X losses. I play to 1 loss. It’s a bit random, but it doesn’t really fail long term. Normally, I get instaloss on bad hero, 1:1 on okay hero and 2:1 on good hero. Occasional 11 wins in a row happens. Also, the game seems to keep hero specific MMR to some extent, my 2700+ hero gets really hard first match, and my 1500 sometimes gets muppets. But it still ends up 25-50-75% winrate or somesuch.
  4. Visit your Hero page often. Place top 4 heroes from Ranked as your top 4 picks. Place the next 4 sorted by MMR, or somesuch. Note that some heroes are completely fail in ranked, either design or playstyle, my Q Ming has about 700 MMR difference which is basically Diamond 1 to Bronze 4.

Prepick your best heroes. Quickly check a couple teammates, what do they play, which hero of yours would click.

Sometimes this method fails to expose a hero you like, in which case just remember it (or replace a favorite). Typically a new hero that needs to win a lot to have reasonable rating - in my case, ETC.

Ultimately, it’s possible that you have a specific skill level that keeps you at B5, my mum couldn’t ever progress Zuma past about 60%. So what. She still plays it, nearly 20 years later.