Connecting to US servers

Im sure this is something that the AUS community is aware of but even after selecting your region you sometimes get put on US server. In a MOBA like this connecting to US servers from AUS and getting 300ish ping makes the game unplayable. The game then penalises you for leaving games where you are literally useless because of ping. Id literally rather spend 15 minutes in a que then 3 minutes in a que and 15 minutes in a unwinnable game because of ping. I’ve tried contacting blizz about this but they dont really seem to care. What do you think it would take for blizzard to actually take this problem seriously, because im sure the shoe falls on the other foot sometimes and US players are dragged to AUS servers.

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yep this happened to myself and a mate queued on Monday just passed, 4 games, 4 Western America servers with 200+ MS ping. We both agreed we’re probably going to stop playing if the game keeps doing this, impossible to hit any skill shot hero.

man its been happening for years… its AUS’s fault IMHO why dont we have decent internet yet? there are 3rd world countries who blitz our internet… but yes as i said … WOW for instance… a game that a million(figures arnt 100%)? aussies where subscribed to (PAYING PER MONTH) and they couldnt supply us with a server even after a big name telephone/ISP agreed they could host it… the best they could do was make a dedicated US based oceanic server … so … why would they care about a free game like HotS especially with such a drop in player base…