Chogall doesn't get tower aggro from Gall's attacks

Cho’gall can sit underneath a tower with minions and just literally full on poke without getting tower aggro. Why is this allowed when this champion is already a QM crusher lol. You can queue with a tank with him and then the other team only gets one tank and then it’s GG. But i mean, we haven’t seen a patch for months and probably won’t for more months so it’s not like bringing attention to this will even matter since this game is so dead, the devs don’t care, Blizzard doesn’t care, nobody gives a rats arce

Then you have not seen how bad it looks like when the game gives one team two tanks and other team a tank and a bruiser.

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It’s not a bug - Gall doesn’t have an actual body in terms of game mechanics, thus the Tower doesn’t attack Cho. Cho isn’t the one attacking, Gall is, don’t blame Cho.


If you allow him to shoot so many shadow orbs at your tower that it actually falls, you deserved to lose it vs Sylvanas or any other hero too.

And Like Frogspoison said Cho isn’t doing anything. Why should he get aggroed? Gall is doing all the attacking. He has no body.

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While I agree with both Frogs that it isn’t Cho, who attacks the tower, but Gall, so it’s intended, but I admit that OP isn’t wrong either. I mean sure it looks like Gall don’t have a body, but on the contrary he can still influence the body (Y) or dies with Cho, so it’s looks at least weird.


Was it changed? Cause I thought that was the basic strat. Attack the tower while the tower picks off minions.

Even by that logic, I don’t think it’s something the game should do.

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Why not? The game engine can’t retaliate against something that doesn’t exist.

It can’t shoot at Gall any more than it can target Abathur’s hat. They aren’t physical entities in HotS, they can be removed from the battlefield only if the host dies first.

Cho is still a separate player from Gall.

If he is allowed to attack that tower so long, any other hero would likely have destroyed it too even if in aggro range. That’s the other team’s fault for not reacting to a Cho’Gall.

Tower is confused:

HE DID IT! NO,… HE DID IT! :grinning:

The source of the damage is a character model. It exists.

Any other hero would have been shot at by the fort, have their armor reduced, and be forced to back off or die.

It has nothing to do with not reacting. The fort will only shoot you when you have minions if you actually hit an enemy hero. And if you hit an enemy hero, it means someone is there defending.

You can’t have minions with you and aggro a fort if no one is around to defend it.

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Gall is attached to a host though like Symbiote, so the source of damage isn’t a body. It makes sense they let Gall get away scots free without aggroing towers.

Just like Abathur can shoot spikes with a Symbiote when a hero like Valeera or Zeratul is stealthed and it wont break the stealth. Since it’s not the host who is doing anything.

So, there is some confusion going on here.

First: Towers will never aggro on someone attacking it as long as there are nearby minions to attack.

Second: I believe the OP was refering to the case where Cho’Gall is attacking a fort/tower, Gall is poking at the defenders, but Cho is not. For other heroes, if you attack a defender, the fort/tower will immediately start attacking you.

However, as mentioned, Gall is more akin to Abathur’s hat in terms of game mechanics. It’s the same as how Gall can attack while Cho is mounted. Thus, akin to how Abathur can poke without drawing tower aggro or even destealthing, so too can Gall poke (A fun note - When combined with Medivh or Brightwing, Gall does NOT cause Cho to fall out of stealth unless you use the movement ability! So if you are up against a team without any destealthing capabilities, and you have a BW on your team, Gall can kill the entire enemy team without them being able to fight back! (Though such a team doesn’t exist yet)


I don’t think this is all that bad.
If the tower isn’t targeting Cho’Gall, that means Cho isn’t attacking the enemy heroes, so he can’t heal with his W.

So, even if it’s true that technically Gall can freely attack heroes under a fort, Cho can’t, so just focusing the fort and ignoring the heroes would be really costly for them.

Also, you can just focus on the minions. If you can clear the wave(s), Cho’Gall will have to retreat anyway.
And yes, I’m aware that some heroes aren’t all that good at waveclearing, but my point is that it’s not that strong of a strategy, and it’s also not completely without counterplay.

Oh! Just remembered another thing before posting:
Cho’s bomb rolls for all of its range even if Gall detonates it, so you can walk into it to make the fort target Cho.
In order to prevent this, he’d have to not allow Gall to use their most powerful attack, thus making the strategy even less effective.