Chinese new year is coming? Where is the 2019 skin?

5th Feb is Chinese new year. Why did not have any news for 2019 new year skin?

Wondering same thing, I’ve been waiting that Jiana Chinese new year skin for a while.

No, but seriously, where the hell are the Lunar skins this year?! They’re some of my favorite, and I go out of my way to get them every year. Does Blizzard just not want money anymore?

Devs seem unusually silent in general. Imperius seemed to be the end of it.

Its always the same, when we have problems in the game. The Devs always goes silence for no reason.

That doesn’t mean anything. At any one time, someone is going to have problems with the game, no matter how it’s currently built.

My concern is more tied to that internal re-organization from December. Possible this silence is due to incoming systems changes, e.g. role rework, shop changes. Speaking of the shop; Lunar Festival skins (behold my segue skills), which doesn’t even have an announcement that it’s starting.

Maybe waiting for Toys event to finish?

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anything to get rid of this horrible toys event… no event would be better then this