Can't Purchase Gems

It still isn’t fixed for me and I REALLY want to buy Cabbie Big Shot Sgt. if this isn’t fixed by the time these skins are gone I’ll be really ticked.

Thank you for your patience, Zaxter. We’re testing another fix for the scene browser that the purchase dialog is dependent on. If testing goes well, we should be able to deliver this along with the next balance patch. Please keep us updated.


Similar issue here but this has been constant for days now. My shop browser window just says “Give us a moment.” with no icon or anything, just an empty screen with no end.

Just thought I’d throw this out there too incase someone else has this problem, not sure if it needs a different fix etc.

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Hi guys I have the same issue as Infamous. I’d enter my details and click on Pay Now but after that I get stuck with a window with no other clickable options that reads “Give us a moment”. Please help because I’d like to buy a skins bundle from the halloween event ! Thank you !!

Is it supposed to be fixed by now ? Because I got the same error when purchasing some gems.
Thanks you

If you still have problems purchasing gems check that your firewall isn’t blocking the in-game browser executable: Heroes of the Storm\Support\BlizzardBrowser\BlizzardBrowser.exe
Blizzard should add an error when the in-game browser is blocked (it’s not enough to show an empty window (box))

I’m still getting this issue even after the patch that claims it fixed it. The purchase dialogue box with appear along with a loading circle but then the loading circle will stop and nothing else will show… There are 28 days left in this event and I really want to get the skins/mounts/etc. before its too late.

Hey there Morgishmorgi,

Would you mind sending us the log files from

C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of the Storm\Support\BlizzardBrowser\logs

You can send this to me by following the steps on this thread. Any screenshots of what you are seeing could be a big help for our engineers too!

Did you try the recommendation from Serby above regarding your firewall?

Anytime I got to purchase Gems it just says No Gems Available. Ive waited a couple days now and its still like this. :frowning:

In game browser shows me “Error 404”. Can’t buy gems. Turned off all walls and anti virus. Even added ingame browser to exclusions. Still have a prroblem.

I was having the same issue where my purchase screen would loads forever, I was able to purchase gems yesterday and later on the same day I started to experience this error. I tried again the next day and was still loading, I then connected to my vpn and for some reason it worked? Any idea why connected to a vpn would allow it and being on my main connection wouldn’t? Hope this can help Blizzard.

depends if you live in a sh** country like for example: belgium

nope, US got the bug too. i cant buy any gems. endless loading screen.

Is it possible for Blizzard to let us buy Gems on the battle net website? Maybe that way we could avoid the bugged path?
I’m having the same problem as everybody.


had the same problem on patch 49.0, i added my paypall account and then it worked after 10 seconds or so of waiting while on the blue popup-screen.

Still having this issue in 2020, loading screen forever when opening the shop. Can’t buy gems.

Hey - Same problem here in Feb 2020… Endless loading screen for buying gems.

I’m also having the issue of the loading screen for gems circles endlessly. WoW and Hearthstone don’t have this problem. I’ve also tried the fix from above in giving permissions in my firewall, but it made no difference.

I really like the gems from this event, I hope you can fix this somehow!

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Have the exact same problem, it’s almost been an entire year and it’s still not fixed?

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Greetings, this issues has come up again. I recently downloaded the game to get back into it and i am unable to purchase gems. i get the infinite spinning wheel on the blue screen.

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