Can't Purchase Gems


Having the same issue, tried the ranked leaderboard and that won’t load either.


Same for me. Endlessly spins when I click on the amount of gems I want to buy, never loads into payment methods or anything. Same thing for Ranked Leaderboards. No other issues in the game.


Has a fix for this been found? I’m getting the endless loading circle as well when I attempt to purchase gems.


I am having the same issue, except mine just spins for a sec, then reverts back to the gem selections :frowning:


I’d really like to spend my money, guess blizzard doesn’t want it.


I am having this exact same issue…


Same Issue as well. Click on amount get a spinning loading icon briefly on a new overlay then it closes out like nothing happend. Leaderboards fail to work as well


agreed ,i try to go to the support but dont cant do anything


looks like they arent interested in solving this


Hello again everyone!

Thanks for sending in those logs!

We identified a loading icon issue in the initial purchase window and released a hotfix on 8/14 in the Heroes 47.1 patch.

This fix uncovered a new issue where the purchasing window fails to load. We are currently testing a potential fix for this issue and hope to release it as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience, and apologies for the inconvenience!

Thank you,


Hello everyone.

Thank you again for your patience on this matter. We have identified 3 separate issues that has caused the black screen rendering issue on the Gem purchase dialog. We’re currently testing the fix and it will be released with the upcoming major patch.

Once the patch goes out, I would really appreciate if you leave any feedback so that we can further assist you.

Thank you,


Thanks for letting us know that you’ve fixed it! Hopefully this didn’t affect the purchase numbers too much. Would’ve liked to spend some gems too!
So I’m guessing that patch will come out on PTR the coming Monday and then go live the week after (the week of the 23rd of September), right?


It still isn’t fixed for me and I REALLY want to buy Cabbie Big Shot Sgt. if this isn’t fixed by the time these skins are gone I’ll be really ticked.


Thank you for your patience, Zaxter. We’re testing another fix for the scene browser that the purchase dialog is dependent on. If testing goes well, we should be able to deliver this along with the next balance patch. Please keep us updated.



Similar issue here but this has been constant for days now. My shop browser window just says “Give us a moment.” with no icon or anything, just an empty screen with no end.

Just thought I’d throw this out there too incase someone else has this problem, not sure if it needs a different fix etc.


Hi guys I have the same issue as Infamous. I’d enter my details and click on Pay Now but after that I get stuck with a window with no other clickable options that reads “Give us a moment”. Please help because I’d like to buy a skins bundle from the halloween event ! Thank you !!


Is it supposed to be fixed by now ? Because I got the same error when purchasing some gems.
Thanks you


If you still have problems purchasing gems check that your firewall isn’t blocking the in-game browser executable: Heroes of the Storm\Support\BlizzardBrowser\BlizzardBrowser.exe
Blizzard should add an error when the in-game browser is blocked (it’s not enough to show an empty window (box))


I’m still getting this issue even after the patch that claims it fixed it. The purchase dialogue box with appear along with a loading circle but then the loading circle will stop and nothing else will show… There are 28 days left in this event and I really want to get the skins/mounts/etc. before its too late.


Hey there Morgishmorgi,

Would you mind sending us the log files from

C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of the Storm\Support\BlizzardBrowser\logs

You can send this to me by following the steps on this thread. Any screenshots of what you are seeing could be a big help for our engineers too!

Did you try the recommendation from Serby above regarding your firewall?