Cannot play HOTS

Good afternoon
The collection is not displayed, but the only option was to play the quick game mode
I tried this solution by deleting the cache

Blizzard Support

Deleting the cache
Instructions for deleting the cache

And now not a single mode starts for me, even with bots. My profile, friends’ profiles are not displayed, and nothing works at all. Please help. Bring back the collection and the ability to play

Restart the computer, make sure there is enough free storage space on the computer, such as at least 20 GB free, then try starting HotS. If the issue still is visible, try leaving HotS running for 30 minutes in the background in case it is caused by server data being transferred to the client very slowly.

Thank you. The costumes are back. But it is impossible to start the game in any of the existing modes. My profile and the profiles of my friends are also not displayed. The quests button is inactive. I still can’t start the game (even against AI) This is all after deleting the Blizzard Entertainment folder

And waiting 30 minutes with the game logged in and open in the background does not help?

Hello. I had a similar problem. I tried all methods imaginable, but in the end, the one that worked for me (and several other compatriots of mine) was try WINDSCRIBE vpn. I say windscribe because other vpns did not help, but this one did. I logged out, installed windscribe, started connection, logged back in and launched the game, and all contents were back. The good thing is, I only needed to do this ONCE, and I can keep playing the game without any vpn now that I have my contents back.