Can we migrate to KR server?

Im player from japan.
I used to play at western US server for 4years. WestUS server is high ping, but playable. I could reach master.
But now westUS server was closed. Central US server is too high ping, almost unplayable and painful. My winrate is degreased from 50% to 40% or less.

SG server is dying. I queued SL. waited 12000sec and matched bronze 5. I hear AUS/NZ is same.
We are forced to play on CentralUS server with too high ping.

KR server is good ping but different region.
No one want to discard main account and create new account. Im 1900lv :frowning:

Most of Japanese plays on america region mainly. so we are giving up to play this game.
(japanese player had a custom of connecting to america server for some reason. On hearthstone, this is a huge problem of localization.)

Please let us KR server by america region account.

Unfortunately thats they way the game is going. Smurfs have better match ups than main accounts and now we can’t use the US servers. I swear they are trying to kill ANZ HOTS specifically (Probably so they can save money shutting down Sydney servers)

This is sad.

Even i am having problems with this. I am based in SEA and mainly connect to SIngapore server. But this server is dead, no players…

AUS server is also dying…or already dead.