Can Artanis beat Imperius 1v1?

When we need to def an obj, like Dragon Shire or Braxxis.

Happened a few time, when the player is good, the Imperius just kick my a**, having great substain and damage. Feel like a better me lol.

I don’t know how he work so it sure must not help.

Which build do you recommend to do ok vs him? Maybe block at 1? his AA look pretty strong. It seem like I do fine, often win pre 4, then he win and win even more at 7 and 10, even if I dodge some of his charge things

It’s not about the build imo, but to counter his Q with yours.
Imp also burns down on mana fast so Artanis can fight longer.
The only important talent is PoA so he gives you value the more you’re two are brawling.


block is good if you dont want to stack because imps trait of boosting his dmg by consuming bands is a boosted auto attack which block will reduce, block really screws imp in the 1v1

Block won’t reduce his %-based dmg iirc, so you better not rely on Blocks imo.


Block wont help you much againts his % dmg talent. % dmg ignore armor. Block only reduce auto attack dmg. % dmg is a modifire that ignore armor

Why Artanis at all? He migth doing ok in 1vs 1 battles but he dont bring much to the table. Same goes for Malthael if you dont have a pocket Ana.

For the nodes itself i would go for Rexxar. He is unbeatable on the objective but lacks a bit of other bruiser abilities. Yrel, Hogger, Leo and blaze are prolly the best ideas for the offlane on these maps. And yes: In the long term they all bully imperius out of the lane.

If he takes Q or W at 1, Reactive Parry could be great for the Laning phase since most of Imp’s Crits come from AAs so block really reduce that.

But if he takes Trait at 1, block won’t help much so if you want to brawl against him you should take PoA. Won’t help you directly per se, but if you brawl enough with him, you can get value in the late game.

But as others have pointed out, you just need to out sustain him since Arty has better mana costs. He doesn’t have self heal though so utilize your trait to trade efficiently. it’s also important to juke his Q or if you’re smart, anticipate it and throw your E at him to get the Unstoppable.

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Probably because OP wants to play Artanis and wants to know how he can fight Imperius with him.

Holding the point is where a solo 1v1 matters. If you can’t 1v1 you’ll be bullied out of the point and then you’ll have to handicap your team because they’ll need to help you. Artanis stacking during the 1v1 helps him scale better for later on. Plus he can negate Imperus’s stun by diving into him.

Malthael can do that too with his W… but Malthael’s sustain relies a lot on the amount of enemies that are feeding him health through his Q. He sucks on points but does well on maps where you can double soak or where he’s surrounded by minions during a 1v1.

Imperius is likely out right winning late game. His auto attack damage is nuts once stacks are not removed on attack and Artanis has little to counter it. Artanis can stall him a significant time though, as both ultimates are very effective.

Best chances would be with high AS swap build. Imperius might have issues coping with the auto attack damage and scaling and the swap might interrupt his combos. Purifier beam can also be used to force Imperius to reposition or even disenguage as he is unlikely to do well tanking its full damage. The high attack speed helps with Artanis’s own sustain due to faster trait cds.

One of the biggest factors at play would be levels. 1-2 level advantage, especially with a talent tier, could swing the results either way.

In theory if Artanis stacked tier 1 quest enough he could easily solo Imperius due to the near infinite damage scaling. In practice this might just push him into the high auto attack damage territory unless a match really lasts a long time or the enemy is tank heavy and allowed Artanis to stack near constantly.

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Okay a few thigns

  1. Reactive parry i only to be picked if the Imperius did not take the percent damage at 1 OR if you are willing to sacrifice that power for the block in the later game (like say someone like ZJ appearing in the team fight scenarios
  2. The biggest thing one can do to fight Imperius on any character i to minimize the amount of time you spend in range hwile his molten armour is active, that is his main burst of damage and why being hit by Q while molten armour is active is a massive hit in damage
  3. Artanis thrives on outlasting Imperius’ mana pool in the early game until you get level 7 increased AA speed
  4. Remember Artanis “heals” off of minions while Imperius doen’t, if you cn try to hit minions with Q and keep an eye on the shield cooldown to get maximum efficency out of said ability as hitting an entire minion wave all but completely resets the shield

Like others have said keep an eye on his talents because he will still output a lot of damage if he goes trait level 1 and misses his Q if he dots you up.

Other tips to add vs Imperius, if he takes the globe level 4 kite him until it wears off.

When he has E activated you want to try and stay out of it’s range however when it’s down its harder for Imp to hit you with his Q if you are in his face and keep walking through him.

Try and time a camp to be pushing down ur lane before obj starts or communicate with your team to do it because imp sucks at depushing mercs, so if he leaves them they will get value against forts etc and of he goes to deal with them will take him longer than most.

Artanis if he is skilled and can managed his shield. But in the end it comes down to who has the better 4 man. Both of them dont really need to bea eachother 1v1. They only have to hold the lane and dont fall too much behind. In that case it favors Arti the most casue he got less mana tention and better pve power. Imp goes omm quickly trying to clar waves while Arti dont.

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