Butcher / Tychus BUGS

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Butcher’s charge doesn’t always stun, it deals the damage, but does not stun. this is an ongoing issue, almost a year now and no fix.

Tychus’ trait (Minigun) doesn’t always trigger instantly once you auto-attack a hero and sometimes it doesn’t trigger at all and goes on cooldown.

Hey there Murkynamic,

Both of those issues could have so many different things happening that I would need to see a replay of this happening. If you still have some Replays where you see this occur send them along following the Bug Attachment Guidelines. If you don’t have any, just keep an eye out and if you see it happen again, please pass the replay along.

There is not enough information here to help me investigate what you are seeing.

Thanks for the help!


Hello Huginncord,

I’ve just sent in the replays and all other info needed. I hope for a respone soon.

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Yes I main Butcher and I have witnessed this bug multiple times. In fact, this is a bug I have been observing at least 2 years now, but lately it just seems like it appears even more often. Butcher charges, I don’t click E to interrupt it, but I spam the right-click to instanly get the double auto-attack after the stun. Then, Butcher reaches the target, but the target doesn’t get stunned (and it is not because of cleanse…). I even get the cooldown reduction from level 4 talent, which means Butcher reached the target, but still.

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It’s been weeks since i’ve sent in the replays and described the issue with evidence clearly. i feel disappointed as a blizzard customer who has spent over a decade and a lot of money into this company, this is just sad, i did not get any emails nor any response in the forum from anyone addressing these issues.

Would you mind posting the StormReplay file here, as an attachment (through a site like uploadfiles.io)?

Could be a bug, or could be a regular interaction. Easy to tell from a replay file.

The link can be put into ´´ tags like this since the forum wont allow direct links for new users: