Building a Community

Looking for chill, like-minded folks for cooperative games on all levels with no drama or venom. We are a small but growing community of all ages and skill levels. We play to have fun, and some of us would like to play more competitively, but that has proven to be a difficult goal to attain.

Regardless of your skills and age, etc., contact us if you’d like to meet and get to know us. We are U.S. based, on NA server.

Rule #3: Courtesy is key.


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NA or EU?

I might be able to join.

I dislike voice chat though.

NA. sorry, should have included that!

You’re not required to speak, but . . . it helps.

Oh, sorry, I play on EU.

I am willing to play a few games.

Would be interested in playing a few too sounds fun

Hi! I love to join. I gave up on gaming and started again quite late mid 20’s lol. Looking for open minded game buddies :slight_smile:

Still looking? let me know

Hello all and thank you for replies.

Apologies for delayed response on my part. I thought there would be a mechanism for me to be notified if anyone replied to the post, but apparently not!

I’ll be contacting each of you soon. Thank you for reaching out.

Appears that the only way to connect is via friending me on blizz. I am FireToad#11509.

Look forward to chatting with you all!