[BUG] Unregistered hero voice line


The 3rd voice line “My wrath has no limit” on the Hero “Abyssal Demon Imperius” does not remain saved in the style profile after i play a game, or when i reboot HotS.

It always comes back to the 1st voice line “Mine, Solarion!”.

This issue occurs despite verifying the game through the Blizzard launcher.

My Computer:
OS: official Windows 10 Home 64bit (21H1 v19043.1055)
CPU/GPU/RAM: Intel i5-6400 / GeForce GT1030 2GB-VRAM / 2x8GB DDR3
Everything is up-to-date and i have no O/C

About the game:
Language: French
Area: Europe
Battle.net v2.2.0.12943
Battle.net Update Agent v2.24.2.7380

Here is two screenshot in 1 picture of the problem;
_in the left picture i highlight the 3rd voice line
_in the right picture the voice line come back to the 1st one after à game or a reboot of HotS:
=> https://i.ibb.co/d0vsKQW/hots-voiceline-bug.jpg

fell free to ask me if you need more informations.