Bronze 5? Want to actually improve? Me Too!

Ok, so due to some recent negative experiences I am looking to move away from playing solo. What is it I am looking for? I would like to get some people for games a couple times a week at a set time who are actually looking to improve. Couple side notes here:

  1. We all need to check our attitudes and issues at the door.
  2. Must be willing to accept losses as we all learn.
  3. Must be able to get on discord.
  4. Must be willing to do occasional video reviews of particularly harsh losses and accept criticism.

I am looking for players who are currently Bronze 5-4.
I am looking for players who wanna play a couple times a week for a few hours.
My times ideally would be Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11 pm. But I am flexible on this. Ideally we build a group of people larger than what we need to queue and can play pick up or quick match any other time.
I will be refraining from storm league unless I am in a team of 5 from now now.

Please hit me up here or in game if ya wanna hook up.
Please note it may take awhile to build up enough players to start queuing storm league as a group.


Sent you a friend invite, looking forward to gaming.

Count me in. Solo queue is aids lol. I’ll msg you when I get off work

Sent! Hope you are in Eu server.

I’m in! hope u r in EU server
I’m a flex player lv 625, playing well (i guess at this lv)…I’m sick of trolling players in bronze and stuck in 5 because of them…also i know when i “screw up” when i play heroes that I didn’t play much to learn them how to play

sent you a friends request, i am on US server

Sent an friend’s request. I am in Silver League but it doesnt matter to me. I want to play with like minded people. Nothing serious just a few hours a week gaming.