Blue appreciation thread

I can see Hawkray enjoyed Tass’s rework.
His video was good. I enjoyed Spiderman part where he went assassin “custome” instead support :frowning:

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Just to cheer you up I am going to start writing my Tassadar rework idea and will post it soon

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I hope it will have shields at least.


Forum trolls will come and call you a whiteknight and blizzard fanboi to have that opinion. But yes i agree with you.


Their opinions mean very little against facts

Most of the toxic forum trolls that come here are from League of Legends anyway

Those types that always keep saying “champ this” and “champ that” about our heroes

I hate it so much

Take a look: My idea to rework Tassadar's rework

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I feel baited lol.

Also to clarify, I was not the designer in charge of Deathwing (though we all had a hand in helping out with him), that was Kyle, who also did heroes such as Zul’jin, Kel’Thuzad, and Orphea.

For what it’s worth, I read these forums pretty much every day, so there’s very little that happens here that I don’t see. :slight_smile:


Well, that sounds optimistic.


Hey man

I hope you know that people who care about the game as you do result in the happiness of many

Please do not let the negativity of some result in the death of a game that brings genuine joy to so many of us here

You are appreciated


Can we has full range Dva pilot dash back please :smiley: pilot weak, mecha too strong

Shame on you

This is an appreciation thread not an “ask and you shall recieve” thread

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:frowning: okay then
we appreciate you mr jackson


mr jackson is okay in my book

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The you should have seen my thread about you getting promoted to senior lead designer :smiley: We love you.

Also can we soon have Yogg’saron. I want to unleash the full power of Frogsaron in the nexus. FEAR MY FINAL FORM QUAK.


Seems you need to become a master


Now I understand why it’s called “Blue”. It’s because they post once in a Bluemoon. I don’t blame them.

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Thanks for all your work both here and in game!


You already have the skill to bait people. I have seen that myself (not forum Myself)


Cheers for the Blizzard team! :+1:

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you may have been , but at least it was for some positive words for you and your team :+1: !
i think the fact that nearly every time you post a comment , soon after you get a bunch of up votes almost immediately , is a proof that you and the team does have people that appreciate everything that you are doing for us !

shhhh, just take the credit and dont tell Kyle :joy:

really ? thats nice to know !
i do have a question for you if you dont mind answering,

what do you think when you see people posting hero concepts( either full or partial ) or rework / tweak suggestion on the forums ?

for instance, not too long ago i posted a full hero concept about Karax as a new support ( skills, talents, stats range, cd and everything. ) .
is it a positive thing that you’d think we should continue to put the time and effort in doing ? many of us ( im assuming anyway ) are doing it in hope that it may give inspiration or possible original ideas as to what may be one day added or tweaked into the game.

personally i mostly just do it for fun, i get random crazy ideas in my head and i just keep thinking about it until i finally write about it on the forum lol

do these things help you guys and what’s your opinion about these types of posts ?


Sigh… Fine.

Dear AZJackson. I want to make you know that people appreciate your work and your communication with players.

We love you :blue_heart: :unamused: