Blizz Please Update AFK Reporting

I primarily play ARAM since that’s what best fits into my schedule. It is plagued by intentional AFKers. Most of the time they sit in the starting area and will instantly rejoining after being reported. Occasionally they will leave the starting area, perform one attack, and then sit again.

I would request:

  1. Make it easier to report. There are several steps needed just to report an AFK.
  2. Add logic that prevents a repeatedly AFK person from rejoining the same game.
  3. Ban accounts that continue to AFK repeatedly.

Several steps? You only have to click on the report button for AFK/Non-participation. I would like if they used AI to automatically detect without reports serial AFK players, but as it stands it’s easy to report AFK players.

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Yes, several steps. In-game you first have to hit tab, then the settings icon for player, then drop down for AFK, then submit. When someone repeatedly AFKs and rejoins a game, it is very time consuming to do this over and over. I wish we could simply use a hotkey to bring up this menu on the player portrait instead.

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It already is too easy to report people. Half the reason reports are not acted on immediately is that everyone reports everyone else for the most silly, and incorrect, reasons.

There is some logic already for that. However people probably found an exploit to work around it.

I think they already do. Just it takes a lot of reports and time.


I honestly can’t tell if you’re being serious with that reply. How easy do you want it? Each player in game has a report menu above their hero name? You should already be opening the tab screen to check on the talents of your enemy and allies, it’s hardly a difficult step to report someone and as Dr.Super said, people often report for trivial reasons, there is no need to make it easier.

Like you, I very much dislike people who AFK on purpose and I wish that aside from reports they used AI to detect and flag for review those players who do so on a regular basis. Also, they do suspend players, but you don’t always receive any notification that action was taken.

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They don’t. They used to, but they don’t anymore.

Anyway the ones that intentionally circumvent the AFK timer get reported as cheating for exploitation.


I am being serious and am surprised you are ok with this UX. It’s 2021, this design has aged poorly. It is very cumbersome to repeatedly report the same player just to get AI. Worse, try explaining this process to a new person on your team. As I suggested above, an easy fix would be to hotkey + click on the player portraits to bring up this menu.

This is why I’m pointing out the issue to begin with.

I am purposely not being explicit in every detail of their implementation. If I mention it, it’s because it’s not effective.

Disagree. See above. Yes, reports can be abused, but AFKing is something that should be easier to address than other in-game harassment.