Ask me anything about these ask me anything threads


I also had a brief internship at a primate research center if you want to talk about monkeys n stuff.


i was gonna make one but nah


How does one accomplish originality? Is it possible? And if so is it something worth attaining?


You should make one that says ask me nothing go away


I was gonna make one called AMAB, but I’m not nearly interesting enough.


MurlocAggro :b:


What is the reason for these ego stroking threads darling? For a start there are so many questions that are against the rules to ask on these forums it makes it pointless. And, who are these people anyway?


What distinguishes a monkey from an ape?


Did you see any monkeys playing hots?


Monkeys have tails and apes don’t.


On a regular basis. To be fair, I am sure some of my team mates feel the same about me at times!

Ah, I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!


Both are in a zoo but one is in a cage and the other is watching them.


Why is John Crichton a badass?


originality is overated. many ppl that become famous and/or rich took an already good idea and just improved it.


Apes don’t have tails. Apes have opposable thumbs. Apes can throw their poop monkeys can’t their fingers aren’t as developed