ARAM Team Members Wanted - Chill Cooperative Players

I am looking for four cooperative players of reasonable skill level for slightly competitive ARAM.

Ideally, we’d get together roughly once a week or so, allowing that real life takes precedence, to practice, discuss strategy, and review previous games, and of course to play and have fun.

I have a comprehensive strategy guide that will allow a dedicated and cooperative team to win a majority of matches. Winning isn’t everything, but it’s fun.

I am not a triple diamond player or anything, so . . . take it for what it’s worth. But, I am extremely confident that if given four cooperative players as teammates who are willing to take direction and work as a team and consider alternative paradigms we can win the majority of games.

We have nothing to lose, because we are mostly all losing roughly 50% of our ARAM games anyway. :wink:

Reach out to me via Blizz. I am FireToad#11509.

See you all in game!