ARAM Replay Missing

I was playing an ARAM with a friend, I wanted to show him the crazy thing that happened when I was playing Cassia. When I went the watch the replay it wasn’t there nor was it in my game data files. This isn’t anything major, but I am SUPER sad about it!

I had a couple of amazing ARAM replays. One we made a comeback. Our core at 1% and enemy at 100%. We caught them trying to run back and chesse our core multiple times and ended up winning. The other was just an amazing 5 hero wombo in about 2 seconds. Sadly I couldn’t find either and also since I I have my setup default to 4K HDR Shadowplay turns itself off a lot and I didn’t have it running either time.

I did notice a trend though. I play like 90% ARAM and I looked through my replays folder. It seems like this is a problem specific to Volskaya Foundry. I do not have a single replay from this map.