An open letter to Brett Crawford and the Heroes Design Team on the Whitemane Rework

When i playED withemane i would never use W but use clemency instead when im @2 or 3 stacks of desperation to get a cheaper Zeal that costs 75 mana instead of 90/135 and then i would only cast it for an instant to get the Zeal and never again; or i would just cast it to remove a desperation stack so i could use that level 16 talent, brilliance or something, twice. Thats it; very different than she previously was.

Feels refreshing to read someone who also thinks dmg was Whitemane’s identity; i got flamed many times when i said this; but those guys didnt have more than 20 games on her anyway…

I’d just like to add, Blizzard pls fix Trait Activation cancelling W channel, it didn’t used to do this, and it’s really messing me up, and I assume a minor oversight in implementation


2 months later. :sob:

Maybe there´s something in the balance patch tomorrow …

[I´m just an incurable optimist, sometimes.]


Small changes but it is very very possible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks Kemordia, this is a great suggestion. I played her the other day and didn’t realize that this changed and it felt like poopy. We brought up an old build and you’re totally right, it used to work this way. It won’t make this balance patch, but i’ve made a note to fix this.



are you guys planning on improving the current whitemane? she could really use some buffs since a revert is most likely unexpected to happen? she doesn’t feel as good as she used to be. do you have any plans on making her better?


Thank you so much. I miss my aggressive mage healer. It was fun and unique.

Make Whitemane fun again. :slight_smile: Let the inquisition mean something.

Alright this will be fixed, what about the scarlet aegis cooldown? It was supposed to be lowered to 70 but it remained at 90 even though Divine reckoning is arguably better now


I’m confused.
Why did you answer comment on thread instead main post, what gives you more info about WM’s problems? :thinking:

Logan pls.

He has nothing to say about the current whitemane. He only wanted to talk about the bug.

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With all respect to you, Darak, he can answer by himself. I don’t remember that devs needed someone to answer questions instead them.

I think you are just trying to force the devs to say something about current WM x.x

If they want to talk about it, they will.

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Tassadar’s rework will come soon and I don’t want it to be like WM’s one.
And you know that they can to NOT answer as well, not matter how I or any other player here try to “force” them to talk.

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It’ll be good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Time will show.
If my 2-3 years of waiting will be wasted, it will be bad.

I’ll teach you Genji then.

I prefer to play A Hat in Time then.

No one wants to learn Genji :cry:

He is not my play style hero. And I don’t think you want to learn TLV.