An idea to make Alarak's deadly charge more viable

Hello dev team and everyone,

I have a proposition to make deadly charge more competitve compared to counterstrike because right now the ult only gives you less damage and being in the middle of the enemy team, which is not the Highlord’s most glorious position. The only benefit it has over CS is ganking power but that is really narrow for an ult.

So I think that it should be added the following: Deadly charge grants Alarak 50% cooldown reduction for 8-10 seconds when a hero is hit. Now If done successfully, Alarak gains a powerspike from charging without increasing his burst. This would allow for him to build momentum after a charge and leading his team towards massacring his enemies, as the name of the ult suggests.

This would not make the ult overpowered, because you are still as vulnerable as before when you charge in, and you gain no benefit for those crucial 2-3 seconds when you are in the middle of their team and can still get killed as easily. However, if you somehow managed to survive those tense seconds, you know have a crucial advantage of being able to cast your abilites sooner. Also, this will not increase it as an escape tool or a macro ult because you will need to hit a hero

With this buff, it increases the skillcap of the ult because you still won’t be able to yolo dive into their team and crushing them, but if used strategically, you gain a reasonable advantage on the battlefield.

I do not think this would make the ult overpowered. Still, i would argue that counterstrike is still the better ult because it is safer and fits its overall kit better. But with this deadly charge would become more rewarding and fun to use without being busted.

Anyways, I would like to hear your opinion on this, much love to the dev team and anyone who reads this.

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? His charge is his best ult since it is not a let me root myself and make me easier to be killed ability.

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He has an offensive and a defensive Heroic.

DC gives a perfect engage tool, while CS can save your lower parts when you get focused.
Both have ways to counter them and ways to make it sure they’ll hit.
I don’t think it needs any kind of buffs.


What? Counter-Strike is almost universally picked first, not CS.

It’s also much more than a self root, it allows him to live against high burst combos or abilities. It also deals a huge amount of ranged damage if triggered.

CS charge is also a self root…
Both are great ults though.


Past a certain point people with a bit of thinking stop attacking the counterstrike and just position around alarak to kill him.

I am always grateful to face counterstrike

As others said the Deadly Charge is a powerful engagement tool. It’s basically a more cumbersome but stronger Genji dash but don’t let the High Lord know it. :sweat_smile:

Then I don’t know what that point is, because if I filter by Master, CS has 72% pick ratio and wins more than DC as a first Heroic choice.

It’s not that easy to just stop attacking him in a 5v5 fight especially when delayed abilities are about to hit him.

Someone forgot about plethora of delayed/channeled damage dealing abilities.

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True i have not said the ult has no uses.
I say picking it first all the time is very debatable.

Humans against Alarak buffs disagree with this.

Pretty justified if given ult covers your main weakness (Lucio, Guldan etc.)

Immunity to pyro, immunity to ktz chains or combo, immunity to ring of frost, can precleanse hooks, can self-cleanse out of temporal loop, out of xuls prison, Butchers charge, Kerrigans combo, judgment, last rites…

I want to understand all kinds of views but I don’t understand how skipping Counter Strike in early game is a good idea in any scenario.

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For chase, jumping out of fog for surprise gank and even escape.

It ain’t the greatest but it has its uses.

Think both ults are peachy fine, only buff I’d give was a quicker charge dive time.

well in the other way around, if you see an Alarak channeling charge you attack him so he cannot do anything. Both ults have counterplay that is not the point.

It’s common to see novice Alarak player think DC is bad, however, ask any Alarak player with experience and he will tell you DC is a good talent.
The key of that talent is micro management, a a lot of practice.

let’s not buff any of alarak’s ults, thanks.

Yep i have not the reflexes yet to do instant charge after a combo.
The guy who posted his alarak vids was very nasty with those.


Deadly Charge has finisher potential as much as an engage, I think it’s fine as it is.

It’s already crazy to see Alarak getting both ults.

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