AMA with Karabars


sounds delicious


A follower of the chaos !
I admit i was wrong about you !
I never imagine you were one of us , i though for a while that you were walking the path or order !




Order makes ppl weak ;p :smiley:

I thought he meant that my stick would have no name. Since Atiesh is a powerful artifact.


Thanks for sharing. But apparent Blizz does not consider discord as a “trusted source”. Since I can not post the link here.


Sadly you need to be trust lvl 3 to be able to do so.

It’s not hard but time consuming.


Only links that are whitelisted are:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Reddit
  • [Insert social media commonly known by the public that I forgot it’s name]
  • All Blizzard related websites

Everyone has been posting none-whitelisted links since the new forum functionality by making the link in code format, you are allowed to share links as long as the link follow the rules.


Interesting, but it’s kinda pointless doing so. Since it would only link you to the image and not showing it directly in the post. Which defeats the whole purpose of posting it.


Are you interested on knight tournament?


Chaotic Good? Neutral? Evil?


Yep xD

The whole post was derogatory to medivh heh.

Brightwing best hero.
Fight me.


Yes. Either as a watcher or as someone taking part in it. When I was part of a “bandiera” we did medieval festivals. It was fun. We even made battles. Open field and castle sieging.

I consider myself Chaoitc Good.


We need to have a group called the 5 medivhs of apocalypse and get a brawl were each of us can queue in as medivh !

( and enable friendly fire lol :joy: , i need that in my life !! )


Would be fun :smiley:


you say the general public considers you handsome.
if four people get together thats called a foursome,
if three people do its a threesome
two is a twosome
are you sure they were complimenting you with the word handsome?


They used phrases and sentences like: Karabars/‘real life name’ you are handsome. So I’m fairly certain they meant it on me, tho still can be wrong :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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Horse sized duck or duck sized horse? Which is more deadly?


Horse sized duck. Can’t explain why cuz that’d be nsfw. O.O