All heros lost suddenly, can only pick F2P heroes

Same here??!

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Same for me since today

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It looks like everyone who mentioned a server said EU.

Is that the case for everyone?

I can’t log into EU right now at all.

If you got kicked to the login screen you would be defaulted to US and US won’t have your items.

You can verify the server on the lower left side of the login screen.

Can someone in EU logout, check that drop down, set it to EU and see if the problem is still occurring or if they just can’t login?

allready did this… same problem

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It’s all gone on EU, collection, all three currencies, achievement portraits monkaS

Good morning Heroes,
We are investigating this issue as we speak. Thank you for the reports!


Funny part: Okay, let’s play QM with one of the heroes I have.
(Sure, I guess everyone plays only them.)
But, but: the selected skin has not been earned!
So basically, by selecting a hero, I instantly erased my Loadout presets as well.

seriously? where are my heroes?i can’t play like when i started


Hi I have exactly the same bug everything disappeared just a few minutes ago i don’t know what to do either…

on tweeter they said ir’s a issue on the EU server just a few moments ago

All my collection disappeared just after a game i played, it includes my heroes, skin, tags and everythings.
I’m lvl250 with normaly many heroes and skin, tags
(you can verify my profile tutop#2205)
There is definitely something rong but i don’t know what to do, can you help me ?
Thank you very much.

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I logged in today and I all the heroes I had (all) are gone. Only thing I can play is F2P. Do not even meet minimum requirement to play Ranked like this. Please fix.


Same here, and boost too only can playt with f2p

Same issue
I can’t play ranked

this has happened to me also, this is unreal they re bugs are preventing people from playing the game

I log into my account, and all the heroes that I had acquired the game tells me that I don’t have them, and that I can’t play with them.


this has happened to me too just now, i can not play any hero

Hello,my unlocked heroes are locked. I still have levels, but i have available only heroes on free rotation. I tried restarting pc and launcher and game, still same issue. Heroes even had equiped skins that i ‘‘supposedly’’ dont own

I have the same problem. So it’s probably nothing on your end

Same, after logged out of a game i can’t use my unlocked heroes even though i have their levels…