ActiBlizzard latest communications (and the lack of HotS mentions whatsoever)

From Blizzard news feed:

Interivew of several Blizzard/Activision higher ups:

Specifically as we reallocate resources and hire new talent, we are planning for the number of developers working on Call of Duty, Candy, Overwatch, Warcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo to increase in aggregate by approximately 20% over the course of the coming year.

So, except the words from Kaéo Milker In this forum, there is no attention from both Blizzard and Activision to do anything in regards of Heroes of the Storm. While I might be a bit paranoid, considering that this game is still on life support, I find this a bit worring.

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They listed games in which they are planning to INCREASE number of developers.

They already stated back in December that they are cutting devs from this game. Why in the world would you think they would talk about a game that they are cutting back on??

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That was just a small extract of the whole issue.

The thing is that there is no mention at all of Heroes of the Storm in the whole articles, not a single word, they either have no plans and left things entirely in the HotS team’s hands with a given budget or they’ll just let it rot out of time.

They never ever talk about Hots during ATVI earnings.

Since the release of the game back in 2015, they have never showed even a single metric for Hots. Every other game in Blizzard’s lineup they have done so. Only Hots… nothing… so this is nothing new.

This game has been a total commercial failure, and the less they acknowledge its existence, the better for the company.