A Message from Alan Dabiri


Best of luck on your next adventure!


While HOTS is not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, saying it’s in a good place is not being honest.

I wish you the best on your next project, Dabiri and to whomever the new director is, welcome to HOTS.


As a long time fan of bliz, hots has absolutely been my favourite. Thanks for your contribution alan.

Before you leave, could you please release a kevin announcer?


Bring back Balder bald head. He always had innovative stuff coming out of that team. It was like a waterfall of good content . Thank you for your service and good luck to you.


I dont always agree with the systems and style Alan Dabiri worked with for heroes of the storm but best of luck to him in his next adventure.


the laning changes were basically the unofficial 3.0


As someone who played the hell out of other Mobas like Dota 2 and LoL, I have to thank you as HotS has become well established in general and one of my favorite games due to its unique selling point of not having us do nonsensical time-wasters like farming lanes or being semi-afk as support next to our “hard-carry” who we are not supposed to “steal” kills from.

You guys really nailed the fun parts of Mobas.
HotS is better than ever and I also have to thank you guys for leading the entire F2P industry to a modern approach with the 2.0 update of HotS.

I may disagree with a few minor things, but HotS has always been the only Moba-recommendation I can safely give to any of my friends.

Thank you.


Kind of says a lot of peoples general feelings about the game if you are getting more likes then OP dev post


I do agree. I’ve enjoyed watching HotS take form and shape over the years and I love the direction the game seems to be going. I can honestly say I have never been more excited for the future of this game. Thank you for all your work and good luck with whatever secret project Blizzard is working on. :wink:


people tend to come to the forums to have things to complain about than things to compliment. as such, many of the topics and people that respond are going to come from the context of ‘stuff is bad, notice me sempai’

Similarly, giving a ‘like’ to alan’s post may be sending mixed signals and not necesavrily be a point of constrast to the other post being mentioned.


Thank you Alan for everything you’ve given for Heroes of the Storm.
Until the next time we’ll meet up in the Nexus :slight_smile:


Can’t say I agreed with a lot of stuff that happened with heroes under your leadership, but good luck with the new thing you’re doing.


When you are playing, is there anything that causes you to just stop and think “this. This is my fingerprint, nestled amongst the footsteps of giants. Wow.”

Does it cost you team fights because you are too distracted at that point?

All the best, waiting patiently for the next secret project to reveal itself.


Looking back, the game definitely got better since Hots 2.0

Good luck with whatever comes next.


Shame they ditched the newbie packs.


I’m so curious over the deleted posts now, why it had to happen during my sleep time? #EUTimes

All in on all, @OP best of luck out there :smile:


What an amazing opportunity you have had to work within one of the most iconic gaming giant’s of the last 2 decades.

To steer the ship and enjoy the fruits of your labor is truly a dream come true.

Whatever Blizz has going on that could steal you away must be quite the interesting project. Looking forward to what you bring to us next…keep following that passion and we will all be better for it.


The second director is leaving the project. If i wouldn’t point at game minuses, changings in team speak for themselves. But it may be a time for something new. Good luck, mister Dabiri.


I spent thousands of dollars in the game playing from technical Alpha until about Spring/Summer this year then I quit under your game direction.

Thanks for giving it a go - but in the future focus on fundamental game mechanics (matchmaking, clans, reconnecting, etc.) instead of cosmetics, collections, and slot machine money grabs.

Things aren’t looking good for the game I was once so fond of - hope there’s light at the end of this coal mine.


All the best of wishes, farewell. :heart_eyes::sunglasses::joy::sweat_smile::blush::yum::star_struck::ghost::lips::zombie: