50% winnrate bullcrap

The wins are because of skill. In theory, without a forced 50% all those people would have 100% win rate.


Where were your tears when you were winning more than 50% of the time being carried playing artanis?

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Yes, we know. You are desperate to believe you are better than your win rate shows. It’s OK, we understand the need to find a scapegoat.


oh that’s right cuz every match is like an innocent coin flip. :yawning_face:

What “data” do you want them to release? Because they’ve already quite explicitly addressed this conspiracy and why winrates gravitate towards 50%. And yes, winrates do in fact gravitate towards 50%. Naturally.

Pay special attention to this paragraph:

No, but was all lies. Of course. You want the real data. You want Blizzard’s super-crazy top secret hacker data that proves all your points right and says everyone who disagrees with you is dumb, and the only reason you lost any game EVER is because of all the dumb people!

Well, keep searching.


They don’t force the win rate… as you continue to win, the match maker tries placing you with people of equal MMR. And then it tries placing you with people on the opposite team who are about the same MMR for the team.

This is where it falls apart… because it generally can’t find people for 2 teams that have about the same MMR, so one team might get a newbie or a potato to lower their teams MMR so the enemy team might have about the same average, but you end up with the situation as above where the game expects the 4 of you to carry the potato.

Instead of only matching players of about equal MMR with and against each other, it throws a bunch of potatoes and carrots in there and calls it a stew… I mean “balanced”…


Exactly. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a mixture of the law of large numbers and also a dwindling playerbase.

Like, think for two seconds people. Why would Blizzard waste resources to actively make the game less fun? What in the living hell would that accomplish?


But wouldn’t that mean that your win streaks are also the product of this “50% winrate”? :thinking:


Take a statistics course and fix yourself. I’m embarrassed for you.

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F off.

The simple fact is that if the matchmaker was designed to force 50% winrate, it would be EASY.

I could make a matchmaker that forced people to 50% winrate probably. And the most coding I did was helping on Warcraft 3 custom maps.

“they won’t share the data” blah blah blah.
There are good reasons to not share internal data (and i am of the mind they could be sharing more of it) on many parts of the games people complain about.

Ones of the key ones is matchmaking, especially in QM.
The steps that the matchmaker takes to expand the queue and cause games to become more varied in skill.

If you share this data. . . People will try to gave the matchmaker, which by itself, will drive up queue times and create lower quality matches.

It is the same reason that they don’t give out talent data. Because it would skew things far more heavily than the 3rd party sites we have now.

And part of the reason they don’t share data on what gets bans in specifics because people can “toe the line” and get away with bad behaviour.

I think they should be more open with MMR, schedule dates, what they’re working on and more various things. But opening up about how the matchmaker works which would be rife for abuse because “well who knows they don’t share the data” is a terrible idea.

but beyond that, it simple goes down to this quote I got from someone on the QA team for HotS:

I suspect if they shared the data, you would fall right into this group. Along with many people. and i’ve certainly been this person before in various realms of life. Although I try not to be.


Since I am now at 40%, where is this 50% winrate so I can have it?


That is not how the game works. You have 50% chance of winning but the game cant calcutate if your teammates are trolls/feeders. There are way too many variables that takes place in your game that decide who wins. And those variables wil in the end decide who will win. That are stuff that cant be calculated by the matchmaker and maybe thats why you only have 40% so far casue you have not done enough to turn the game to your favor.

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Kinda weird to tote both lines here :confused:

The problem of the “white knight” claim is that it’s usually used without proof because the people that assert it are trying to use it as a label to denounce any ‘proof’ that doesn’t agree with their complaint.

perspective perception influences the respective reception

People tend to only see things in polarized explanations; despite the greater availability for information resources, people aren’t as prone to being informed so much as just wanting to reinforce what they already think. ie “conspiracy theory” The notion follows, as you put it, that blizzard has the “proof” but that isn’t true, and even when they put stuff out, the usual sort of complaints just assume they have to be lying.

The ‘real’ problem is that they’re not willing to accept ‘proof’ that doesn’t agree with their claim, and if attempts are provided to show how the theory is wrong, they demonstrate the “backfire effect”. The “whiteknight” or “fanboy” labels are usually just comfortable overgeneralizations to rationalize why they can ignore anything posted by people that don’t agree with them.

The concern isn’t that “blizzard can’t do wrong” is that when players don’t know something about a game, they choose to blame the game and effectively frustrate themselves. Any ‘new’ game someone picks up, chances are if something happens contrary to their expectations (or perspective) they will blame the game – they can call it ‘fake’ or ‘bs’ or a number of words to indicate a similar sentiment , but the basic gist is they fault games for their own inexperience and ignorance.

That’s what [we] do.

Part of the issue of complaints and frustration is that they tend to only indicate that people are unhappy about something and not that they’ve actually identified the problem.

Take blizzcon as an example: blizz outright said Diablo 4 wasn’t getting a reveal, but ‘fans’ still had expectations – that blizz was essentially lying – and where then disappointed when it wasn’t revealed. That is the ‘whiteknight’ fanaticism people claim happens for “Forced 50%” complaints: they blame anything else they can, deny relevant information, and basically assume their magic label gives them carte blanche on “rational” thought despite demonstrating little of it.

So here’s the thing about ‘forced 50/50’:

It’s tl;dr impulsive response that people cling to with all the symptoms of a classic conspiracy theorist. The ‘backfire’ of denouncing contrary testimonial to their own generally indicate [they] exhibit more symptoms of the “fanaticism” than those that don’t agree with them, but so long as a magic label isn’t popularly understood enough to function like an ‘anti-fanboy’ they won’t have the self-awareness to realize the irony of their position and claim.

The ‘defensive’ reaction is that ‘fanboys’ “whiteknight” for a company – they protect it because it can’t do ‘any wrong’" rather than people that are enjoying their experience are sharing their perspective to players because tempering expectations, being better informed and altering one’s perspective perception changes the respective reception of their stagnant situation.

Typical 50/50 complaints tend to deny pertinent information and essentially revel in impulsive complaints essentially made from ‘anti-proof’ and then demand people “prove a negative” as a means to curb their complaints.

They’ve made a paradox of their position, didn’t use grounded information to make their complaint, but consider it a valid conclusion be it “feels” right.

The problem with that method is that there’s more ways to show that it is problematic (occam’s, easier explanation, divergent testimonials, broad explorations of available stats, and so on) than one’s that demonstrate it as a valid conclusion.

So if the declaration doesn’t hold up, but the player is still frustrated by their observation and assumption that it ‘has’ to be true, then that’s the sort of conduct they’ll probably take from one game to the next to the next to the next.
So, Ledger Joker comes and says “It’s simple, we kill the misconception”

If people are frustrated by effectual ignorance, then a possible solution would be to ‘kill’ (metaphorically) that, and then the player learns why other people ‘have fun’ in the context of the same game.

“People” - to overgeneralize, but claim to own up to that – are full of idiosyncrasies that are essentially hypocrisies ‘herenced’ (I’m kinda making up a word here) by ignorances.

The gambling addicts tell themselves are sorts of bad ends to rationalize that ‘one more time’

The number/stats obsessed players are obsessed because they themselves aer bad at math.

The “hateboy” calls anyone who disagrees with them a “fanboy” and refuses to see/listen otherwise.

When ‘people’ have their “answer” they don’t need to keep looking, even if they can’t show the ‘proof’ of their work. And I don’t just mean concrete ‘proof’ that the claim holds, but rather – like math- ‘proof’ of their efforts: what they’ve done, their "commutative, associative and distributive properties – so to speak.

One of the telling ‘fails’ of the 50/50 perspective is that is only used to explain their specific individual’s outcome: as soon as they look at the stat/matching/whatever for someone else in that same game, it doesn’t really hold up. But it’s a convenient answer to scapegoat than any other reaction they’ve prepared to consider.

50/50 is the “flying spaghetti monster” of explanations and keeps itself afloat better through abject denial of anything else.


I’m currently at #11 QM mmr (3100). So, I have to carry every single of my games.
I solo queued 100% of over 150 games this season. Yet, I have a 67,11% wr :upside_down_face:


I was joking. /20 characeters

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You’re overlooking that people at this end of the spectrum are not schooled in properly formulating a hypothesis using nomenclature that is grounded enough to communicate meaning.

The claim that there is a “Forced 50%”, may well be reformulated into that the game suffers from a “natural 50% gravtitation”, which is not intendedly enforced by Blizzard, but it does “force” (as in the physical sense) the player into a 50% winrate. It is the white fanboys that reformulate the forced 50% into meaning “Blizzard matches you with crappy players”, in effect starting a defamation war.

At the end, nothing more needs to be said tough, as the game clearly exhibits win averaging symptoms, which can be limitedly proven by having multiple 50% accounts at different ranks with sufficient games. Since such is the case, we can just close the topic and accept “forced” 50% as not-existing as per the white fanboys definition, but existing as per the “regular” players definition.

That said, the end result is the same: nothing will chance.

50% winrate is not forced it is an ideal balance. It means you’re at the MMR equal to your skill level, and streaks will happen either way. If you want to improve it, learn to look at ways YOU can improve it, rather than blaming the matchmaker or other players all the time.

Also about this as a concept… Your 7 wins in a row happened because you played the first 2 games really well, it put you in a good mood and you continued to play really well. Then the next day you played badly, got salty and started blaming matchmaker, which made you worse at decision making and therefore continued to play badly. Equally if it was the team mates faults (afk for example), the time of day you play or repeated match ups with these people can contribute.

Set yourself a rule. After 3 losses in a row stop playing (or play another mode). I set myself this rule for SL so after 3 losses I play QM or ARAM, and am currently at 60% win rate. I also realised after a few losses I would prepick Hanzo (my main) and refuse to budge, thinking ‘I want to play my fav so I can win’ but would still lose because I’ve potentially forced another play into a role they’re not good at, then they get blamed for being bad. Basically I’ve forced a comp that doesn’t fit the players im with, so I’ve learnt from this and adapted, and now both my Hanzo and overall win rates have improved.

So in short, no Blizzard isn’t forcing you on 50% winrate, you’re just not adapting or improving

actually lots more can/should be said.

The concern expressed is one of ‘definition’ – or perspective – and that is not an irreconcilable thing even if people are generally content to assume it is. That sort of assumption is a symptom of the professed problem – a willingness to change – and the whole ‘stagnation’ of the situation stems from people not wanting to change, or assuming it can’t/won’t.

In your post you say it doesn’t ‘force’ but yet it does ‘force’ so it’s just making concessions that the terms are split on their definitions and some of that split stems from expectations and misunderstanding. So the inherent answer still comes out to be "fix misunderstandings’ as the thing that can change.

The objective that devs and players want are “fair” games. The ‘system’ defines “fair” as either side having an ‘equal’ “chance” to win.

Players see that as a per game by game basis, while the system is more accurately phrased as probability across a series of games. (since it’s based off of ELO) The problem with this process is that what players think is “fair” is not an objective value, and it isn’t going to be, because player performance, and cooperation, are not quantifiably consistent.

The issue isn’t particular to just this game, just about any game (from my experience) that has similar matching systems gets the same sort of feedback/complaints from players that tends to ultimately boil down to similar ‘problems’ that go from game to game to game.

For them, they may conclude that something is ‘good enough’ (in similar dota-like games) or they may be outside of the ‘loop’ of bad players (because games have a bigger populace of bad players than good) or they are just perpetually unhappy and take that same assumption to each place that will actually give them an outlet to complain.

Stuff doesn’t ‘change’ because some simply don’t know what they can influence and make change of their own power.

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While you would end at 50% in ranked at a certain point when there are people better than you that you cannot beat and people worse than you that you always beat, in QM you should not end at 50% because there is basically no matchmaking.

Though we have all seen the terrible losing streaks after some wins. Suddenly you have the worst players imaginable in your team. Of course Blizzard forces this on you