3 games in a row of everyone having the same hero?!

I think something was broken in the latest update. I’ve had 3 games in a row of the same hero. I mean the odds of having that are .0008%

I just uninstalled because of this crap.

0.0015625% is the exact odds of it happening three times in a row, so roughly one in a hundred thousand, given the odds to get a single mirror ARAM is 2,5%.

It’s extremely rare, but not astronomically rare. If the game has 20 thousand ARAM players left, it’s bound to happen to at least one person a week. Unfortunately it was you this time.

Having it happen 4 or 5 times in a row would approach astronomically low levels of probability though.

(5 mirror games in a row will still happen 1 times out of 3,2 million!)

Ten times in a row will likely never happen to anyone, as that has odds of 1,048,576,000,000 to one (one trillion).

Why everyone is complaining it’s ARAM; ok maybe it’s was a bug than we get the same hero a lot of time but it’s really fun.
Why do you complain ? When we launch an ARAM we know that we have a chance of having heroes that we don’t play or that we don’t like; having the same hero makes the thing more fun, it will be the one who manages to adapt the fastest to their hero.

I don’t understand you guys


I do understand the gripe about mirrors, some of them can be a bit unchallenging or monotonous like all Novas (just constant deaths with little strategy) or all Johanna’s (very little damage, everyone blinding everyone else, just boring overall)

I see it as a good compromise that the odds were cut from 5% to 2%.

Why? Because ppl throw the game and / or AFK. ARAM is the only balanced mode.

That’s not a bug.

Winning the lottery is possible. So is this.