10 Best Moments Played Duo SL For 1 Week


We’re not pro players, so our idea was to include our own mistakes in the video in addition to the nice moments.
Unfortunately, I recently lost the replays, so I was only able to pick from the moments I recorded back in December.
Originally, 50-50% nice and failed moments were planned, but I finally chose the 10 moments where we shouted / laughed the most.
If there is a next part, a little more failed moments may be included in the video. :slight_smile: And sorry Garrosh once again.


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What ranks are you guys playing at?
I seem to vaguely remember your names, i am 100% sure i’ve met Heisenberg alot of times, but the rest seems unfamilliar to me.
So i am unsure of which of my accounts i’ve played with you guys on.

Hi! We played duo. I’m Ragna and my teammate is Sveby. We played between Gold1 and Plat4 in that time. :slight_smile: