Zephyrs Missed Lethal

Opponent had 15 life left. I had a Baron Gedden on board. All I needed was 6 damage for lethal (with the +2 damage at end of turn from Baron). I had 7 mana left after using Zephyr and he failed to give me the 6 more damage I needed (fireball of Leeroy would have either worked).

Anyone else ever miss lethal from wishing for a perfect card?

Zephyr’s is some what bad at math. He can’t calculate anything remotely into the future.


What were you offered?

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Is Zephrys blind to end of turn effects? Like if you had the same situation with a Ragnaros and needed 6 dmg to finish him off with Rag hitting face for 8 (opponent controls no minions), would he still not offer lethal?

Edit Never mind, bad example, he doesn’t offer lethal solutions that rely on RNG.

Knights of Frozen Throne’s Lich King could be defeated by an egg with Taunt.

Yea he only reads the current state of the board and doesn’t account for things that will happen in the future like end of turn effects.

He DOES seem to be able to factor in unused hero powers though :slight_smile:


He doesn’t seem to care about certain deathrattle effects if he doesn’t deem “op”. I wanted to get a silence for something once and even used him at 2 mana left and wasn’t offered a silence but instead backstab etc.

Can it count heropower dmg?

Devs somewhere said that he doesn’t really understand card text - he mostly looks at pure stats on board. The example they used was Spirit of the Shark - he won’t give you a panic Deadly Shot or Mass Dispel, because he sees it as just a stealthed 0/3, so it’s very possible that he doesn’t understand that Baron Geddon will do 2 more. With Ragnaros it’d be different though, he has 8 attack himself, so he could be included in calculations.

Yes he can. He even counts your opponent’s basic Hero Power when accounting for next turn Lethal (ex. he won’t give you Pyroblast if you have a Priest @9HP, because it could be outhealed).

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oh that means opponent had 8 hp when you played it

meaning zeph probably offered pyroblast to you

there isnt any " deal 8 damage " classic card so that should explain it

My opponent had 30 hp and two Karthut. I had on board five 6-attack minions (the ones summoned by Chef Nomi) and one 3 attack minion. All I need to win the game was a mass dispel. Also a Polymorph could work. Zephrys didn’t offer me neither and I lose the game since I was on fatigue. He offered me Savage roar, Bloodlust and Hex (why not Polymorph?). It’s a evident miss lethal, imo. Any explications?

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Zephrys doesn’t know reborn. So it is still lethal for him with roar/blood lust

Outside of some specific effects (Doomsayer) and keywords, Zephrys is blind to card text.

Card choice is also dependent on how much mana you have left, so it’s possible you could’ve improved your odds of getting Mass Dispel if you arranged things to have 4 mana left after playing Zephrys.

Actually, Zephrys SHOULD know Reborn since it’s a visible effect like Deathrattle (in general thanks to the icon, not the specific effect), Divine Shield, Stealth, Taunt, etcetera.

Only explanation I have for not being offered Mass Dispel is that Zephrys never offers card draw if your deck’s empty even if it offers lethal… maybe? But that doesn’t explain why he offered Hex instead of Polymorph.

Reborn is an expansion specific keyword, so I’m not sure it knows. My guess is still that Zephrys thought it was lethal with roar/lust

Great explanation Zerfinity, thank you. Drawing a card was lethal for me. Zephrys was right.

It would offer heal if it didn’t think roar was lethal, in fact it doesn’t offer roar when it is not lethal.