You should say i win with my head and not by treachery

A sage telled me You should win with your head and not by treachery .is it true my lord that a man used treachery on you , yes it is a thief he stealed all to sell it to the black market like those mans who steal gazoline down my house .

what is best ? winning with my own mind or taking other minds ?
your mind has best of solutions my lord other don’t have the solutions even for themselves but me i have solutions for me and others because i am a master said the sage and i never use treachery on others .

Peace out .

Thank you for the wise words.


You make many good points, OP.

But they can all be countered by just 3 letters.

No U

i care more for others than me then you will understand what compassion is .

No offense @Mysterious but I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. :frowning:

Someone has smoked the devil’s lettuce…


Or unfortunately used a bad translation program.

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by thinking with compassion you can feel what love is and sometimes you can find why there is sadness in the world , then you find fails or good things of the world it either makes you sad or happy

a master don’t really care about himself he cares about the world and it makes the best spirit in his mind , ego is a part and not all completion what really matters is completion then complete yourself , then the world .

you can play with angryness but that’s not the true vision . a vision with angryness is blinded .

what you need to find is do i want to be true and acting as trueness or not truth and be a liar forever for yourself and others , i choosed my path and this is why i only say the truth because i am old and i don’t really care for few coppers of hiding something .


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Anybody remember the Sphinx from Mystery Men?

Mr. Mysterious, you are certainly being true to your name.

Ty Rmcfarla51 , cheers to you