Wth with matching

I have won four games total. How in the world am I playing a paladin with every card unlocked and a dragon from 2014? The one that gives you dream cards? What is the point of an apprenticeship if that’s what I play with a mage that has most of the cards still locked?

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I think you can play against the Innkeeper to practice your deck, and that will level up your hero, which unlocks more cards. Go to Modes, then Single Player. Either the practice or the unlocks will probably help.

I made Mech Mage with just the free stuff they throw at you.
It’s working quite well. Just a 5000 Dust Deck, very doable in no time.
Started 4 hours ago, was able to get all 5000 dust.
Just buy the 4 or 5 types of packs until you bust open a legendary.
Burn the ones you don’t want to play, and make deck.
If you’re playing F2P, you can’t expect to get a collection rolling ASAP.

Build a deck, and then build your collection after you build your deck.
It will make the game feel a lot more playable. Blizzard throws 6000 dust easy in the very first run of quests. You can make a lot of decent aggro decks for 6000 dust. I’m afraid if you’re looking to make Wallet Warrior or something, you may be waiting a lot longer to get your deck rolling. But you should definitely expect others to not greed, and make an easy to roll aggro deck to start. It’s just going to make everything else come much more efficiently.

You can make the following decks with 6000 Dust that Blizzard IMMEDIATELY throw us -

Beast Druid.
Mech Mage.
Beast Hunter.
Murloc Shaman.
Aggro Demon Hunter.
Mech Paladin.
Murloc Warlock.
and Mine/Aggro Rogue.

Priest and Warrior are kinda expensive at the moment.
10K+ dust averages, but the other classes all have an entry level Tier 1 Deck.
So you should certainly expect the average player to make one of those decks, even
in low ranks, because you will get that 6000+ dust in those very low ranks just playing
the game. I’m pretty sure you get like 1000 GOLD for getting all the heroes to level 10
as well or something. So like, yeah, you can definitely get 8-9K dust rolling in less than
a week easily, and make over half of the T1 Decks in the game in less than a week.

What dust? I have not gotten ANY dust from ANYTHING other then the 1 legendary I dusted.

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You realize most apprentice’s don’t even know what dust is or how to spend it to craft cards that fit any symbiosis.

You’re talking like apprentices should know all of the game mechanics, card interactions or the card coordinations that work in this meta. They’ll blow all their dust making the wrong cards by accident.

If they were supposed to know everything and be that well versed, how is that an apprentice?

It’s a pointless classification that has no effect.

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