Worst bg's anomaly? Anyone else?

Is it just me or is the tavern tier 7 exists anomaly the worst one? I already suck at leveling up so let’s through in another level so that best I can do is 5th.

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The one where you take giant face damage turn one then only heal when other players die is the worst, because unless you take a hero with massive starting armor you have basically 2-3 turns to figure out your board or it’s over.

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That one too. Although I have at least had a chance to finish top 3 whereas with my original listed anomaly I don’t think I’ve placed higher than 4th. But yeah some of these anomalies are just who thought of this crap?

Yeah the Tier 7 one is the worst for me as well. Everyone just rushes to 7, and whoever gets there first and high rolls ends up winning. They’ll hit 7 and I’ll still be on 4 ready to go to 5 lol


They’re all pretty bad.

For the first time ever I re-rolled the win five BG, etc, quest because I don’t care to play the mode at all right now.

They can’t remove anomalies fast enough and I hope they’re gone forever.

They are all pretty high roll dependant. I’ve played probably close to 1000 anomalies matches, maybe more, and I’ll be happy when they are done.

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Its not my favorit,its the most boring one in some ways because there isnt anything special or unique to it. Other then there beeing an extra tier. Am always a bit disapointed when it shows up because the other ones are more unique.

Tier7 is quiet well designed overall i think. Its worth going to 7 but its not completely busted. I guess t7 is there to stay after the anomalies go out though i am not entirely sure about this. I wouldnt mind it staying.

I would. I think it’s completely too polarizing.

My favorite matches are heads up last two making changes in position or tech to improve odds and win. T7 pretty much makes this not a thing with the power level of the cards for many classes.

I am looking forward to anomalies leaving so the broken state of the game becomes in sharper focus. Balance is really, really bad right now, but anomalies cover over some of those flaws enough the people are sleeping on it.

Not sure how much sleeping, I think it’s clear which tribes/cards are broken, and putting aside the crazier anomalies (spin Yogg, oops all, etc) the anomalies in general don’t do much to paper over the balance issues.

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I agree as well, T7 anomaly is the auto concede for me as well. I wouldnt mind it if t7 stayed in a form, such as its always there but you have to get 2 of the same T6 minions golden. Then it takes them away and lets you pick a T7 minion like you would discover the next tier up from any other golden. Make t7 cost something big for such dbaggery.

If by this you mean “the cards are all okay except Sanders who is stupid broken and ruins every single lobby he’s in” then yeah I guess so.

If there are no Pirates I disagree. With Pirates… I possibly care about my rating too much but real talk i probably SHOULD concede those.

I didn’t care at all until I found out 8100+ is only 5% of all players in BG. And this whole time I thought I was absolutely god awful. Now I don’t feel as bad :rofl:

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I won a t7 anomaly this weekjumping from 6 to 7 when the cost was 5 mana.

I wouldn’t have thought it was that many, isn’t 6.7k 10% or something like that.

I am not a fan of your board is wiped and gold tripled, but that may be because I failed to understand what it meant on reading the one and only time I have had it.

while anomalies can be annoying and sometimes busted, It will still feel boring once they are gone.

They actually got rid of that anomaly, which I hated at first until I realized (thanks to Schyla’s post about it a few weeks ago) there was an actual viable strategy. After that it was an easy win. I’m sorta in your camp tho I think the anomalies made things a bit interesting this season. Buddies never grew on me but anomalies…I don’t dislike.

There are at least 3 I hate about the same

The one where your board gets cleared is pretty toxic, just feels like you at the mercy of luck.

Same as the one where you get tier 4 + 10 gold.

8 Chen players, pick a hero power, except you get 5 dead turns and someone gets 40 free stats = skill

Well, I’d say they are all bad and have overstayed their welcome by however long this season has gone on, but if I had to choose, anything that promotes mid-range garbage is terrible, such as the Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 only anomaly.

I actually quite like all the anomalies. Hero power waxes and wanes depending on which one is active. I’ve never spread my play time out through the different heroes as much as I have since anomalies came about.

I’ll be quite sad to see them go. Battlegrounds has been a lot of fun.

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