Won't launch since 5/22 patch, game thinks it's already updated


Hi, trying to launch Hearthstone on my desktop. Battlenet thinks the game is already updated – I can view the patch notes for the Miscreant/Raiding Party/etc nerfs, it says version, and when I click “Check for updates” in the Options dropdown it says “Up to date” – but when I launch the game, it says “Closed! Hearthstone has been updated! Please download the latest version.”

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game from scratch, but this is still happening. At the moment I’m completely unable to play the game.

Edited to add that I’ve also tried “Scan and repair”, but this didn’t turn up anything either.

Edit 2: after trying all of these things two or three more times, the update finally downloaded. I can’t delete this thread but please consider it closed.

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