Winter Veil Returns to Hearthstone

u need complete tutorial

Ranked 4th or higher in battlgrounds 3 consecutive times. No hammer for any of those wins. Not worth it except for fun atm.

You are right, today I was able to claim them, thx
Gotta practice being patient :cowboy_hat_face:

Sad that the loyal customers, and the players that have been with hearthstone for years, don’t get 50 packs, but new players do. Typical blizzard…

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The free packs are in the SHOP. You must pick them up there.

Some people got these 50 packs on old accounts. Check your shop.

I only got the 2 of each pack even tho im new and should be eligible for 10 of each


Nie mam dostępu do łupobicia mimo zakończonej transakcji i pobrania pieniędzy z konta. Gdy chcę kupić ponownie “łupobicie” wyskakuje błąd: Już jesteś właścicielem tego elementu. Co robić? ColdFire#2972

Thanks a lot Blizzard for the 10 free packs !!! Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaw !!!

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Hi there, I have played this game since beta.
Not sure your dev actually play this game, the state of lich king in the arena is literally broken right now.

I am such your big fan, keep doing your great work. Cheers.
Happy new year, bro

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I didn’t get 50 free packs, even though I’m a new player

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Haha i got thrm and im an old player you mad bro?