Winter Veil Brings Old Gods to Battlegrounds

Please return floors into battlegrounds finaly, specialy now, when we have to go all over from the start again. Thanks.

I logged in and I did not get any of the promised free rewards


pick demon hunter it keeps giving me the first hero power instead of the second one this is really awful I lost 300 gold because I thought I accidentally clicked the wrong hero power… Please fix bug

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i didnt get my login rewards either. is there some kind of prerequisite like all heroes above level 10 or something?


We f***** up please hate us less by having some free things.
Thank you as it’s better than nothing, although I have almost every card as a free to play runeterra gamer.

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Почему в магазине не продаётся рубашка “Венок зимнего покрова”?
Её можно же, по словам разработчиков, приобрести В ЛЮБОЙ МОМЕНТ с 15 по 29 декабря…

Why doesn’t the store sell the “Winter Veil Wreath” card back?
According to the developers, it can be purchased AT ANY POINT between December 15-29…


They said that they’ve reduced by 37000xp the BP.
Why don’t we have the rewards from that reduction.
I mean, if s/o is lv.30, he can, by the reduction, be lv. 34 or 35 so earn the 4 or 5 lvl rewards ?

I think I don’t understand the patch but it seems clear for me.

the reduction affects high level; example:

before: 49–>50, 9K XP
now: 49–>50, 5K XP

If you were at 0XP before the patch, you will still have 0XP, not 37K; you will notice the change while you will level up higher levels (not sure from what level)

As other users have said, please give us Sylvanas instead <3

It says that the new card back can be purchased as of yesterday. However I am unable to find where to go to make the purchase. Has anyone else been able to purchase the card back yet?

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I spent all my saved gold to buy Darkmoon card packs and I disenchanted most of my golden cards and some of my legendaries last night in order to get the 10 epic Darkmoon Fairy Cards and 100 Unique Darkmoon Fairy (So that I can get the tier 2 duel rewards). It was 7 and 98 respectively last night before i started disenchanting. I didnt know it has to be 10 unique epic card as well so i ended up crafted around 5 epic cards after disenchanting a lot of my other cards. I should have just waited another day for this update! >.< #F2P

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Think you guys failed to include several things in the patch, for example the Winter Wreath card back not available in store (advertised December 15th - 29th) and the Garrosh Solo Adventure is nowhere in game.


patch was stupid.

zero epics and legendaries in the packs. ZERO. just stupid 40 dust. whats the f**** point of giving packs if the PACK RATIO SUCKS?? BETTER JUST GIVE GOLD!

***this game

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does anyone know something about winter veil bundle?

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This is my biggest problem with Hearthstone was well, the crafting costs are way too high. If they just address that and cut the costs down by 50% and keep card packs cost the same, I’ll be very content and happy to support Hearthstone for the foreseeable future.

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I can see a contradiction here :stuck_out_tongue:

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So I disenchant 20 cards to create one and then you nerf it and refund me the full cost in dust. How is that fair?

Please balance the Jaina level, even if you have the perfect hand you can’t predict what card the AI drew and before you know it you get hit for 6 + 6 arcane missiles.
Not to mention the Water Elementals pretty much cripple weapon use…

Does anybody know when will these quests be available because I haven’t got any so far

Thanks a lot!!! Meerrry xmass everyone!