Window mode lagging out Safari browser

Anything I use behind Hearthstone in window mode totally lags out. Like I make my moves, then click on Safari behind to bring it to front and feels super laggy. Once I move Hearthstone to my second display, and use Safari on my main display it runs just fine. Not sure what the problem is. Havent had this issue before.

Edit: Had to recreate this thread because apparently the other one was locked up for no reason?

Hey, xynlovesit! It sounds like hardware acceleration is on. Let’s try disabling hardware acceleration on Safari and the Blizzard Application.

  • Safari:
    1. From the menu bar, click Safari and then select Preferences .
    2. Click Security .
    3. Uncheck Allow WebGL .
  • Blizzard Application:
    1. Open the Blizzard Application.
    2. At the top left, there is a Blizzard Logo. Click here and then Settings.
    3. In the General tab, scroll down all the way to the bottom.
    4. Uncheck “Use browser hardware acceleration when available.”
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Thank you for your answer! Sadly none of these options helped. I have looked at the locked thread again and was able to fix my issue by right click on the Hearthstone logo in the Application folder and turn off Retina resolution. Since then it’s been fine. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update, xynlovesit! Glad to hear you were able to find a fix :slight_smile: I’ll keep watch for any similar reports and retina displays. If it comes up again, please let us know!