Wild / Even shaman / Random anomoly

First post ever

I play even shaman. I face some new random anomoly card. He upgrades hero power start of game for both players.

I think great 2 totems for 1 mana get out of here gg. No instead my entire deck style gets canceled out. 2 mana for 1 totem of choice instead off the 1 mana for 1 totem deckstyle. Im pretty sure this isnt what blizzard has intended for this card cause i could basicly just instant quit the game

Surely this wasnt the idea of that dumb anomoly look at me battlegrounds idea card

Other people have faced this problem?!?!?

Plz fix this :slight_smile:


You should address that in the bug report section of the forum
There have already been multiple reports of problems between anomalies and start of game effects and they should have been fixed by patch 27.4.1 as seen in

If the bugs are still present though that’d be good to know