Why is a no legend deck allowed to be T1?

We are talking Druid who has a T1 deck and needs to Legends to achieve it.

I believe Druid a few xpansions ago was allowed the same thing.

Why is this class always allowed a VERY VERY CHEAP T1 deck when no other class is?

I am all for cheap T1 decks but there should be at least 2 classes that have access and they should change not stay the same like Druid gets every xpac.

So, let me get this straight.

When players think they need super expensive decks to make it to legend, they complain that it’s all a money grab, that Bli$$ard is rigging the game, and that it’s all a terrible pay to win.
And when players see that cheap decks can make it to legend … then it’s bad too?

Well, go ahead. Look at the cards. Get creative and make that killer deck for another class.
It’s not Blizzard that makes decks, you know. Blizzard makes cards. The players find creative ways to make decks.

isn’t beast druid a top deck right now?
its literally commons and rares…

also face hunter has had many many cheap t1 decks over the year’s.

He is complaining that druid is too cheap, not that he is too expensive. Wild, I know

I played it but it wasnt very fun. Either you get good cards and win on turn 4 or you dont and lose. Id much rather play hunter but not the quest. Quests arent fun cards