Why can I only play Mage

Alright, so I’m super new to Hearthstone and I enjoy the game, but I can’t figure out why I can only play Mage and can’t add other cards to my deck e.g. druid or demon.

Do I need to buy a deck?
Do I need to just get better at playing and eventually I can unlock those Heroes?

Help is appreciated

That sounds very weird.
You should be able to jump into any class.
Just in the off chance you’re trying to add other class cards into a mage deck, that doesn’t work.
You’ll have to build a new deck under a particular class to play those class cards.

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New players are restricted from accessing certain Hearthstone features and game modes.

Initially, players can only play as the Mage class, with other classes locked until the player has defeated them in a match. So, defeat the other classes by playing Practice mode (under Modes / Solo Adventures) or playing games in Hearthstone mode (from Home screen).

Tavern Brawl gets unlocked when a player has reached level 20 with one Class.

Arena is unlocked when a player has unlocked all Classes.


Wow, that’s incredible.
Not that I don’t appreciate it; in fact, I am in favor of it, I believe the new player should get a better understanding of HearthStone as a whole and progress into a novice player.
It’s just… Different?
I started a few months after Hearthstone was launched and memory tells me my first deck was Priest. As a matter of fact, I’m a priest main now because of that early memory.

It’s interesting to see how a game can change right under your nose.
Then again, I’m new to the forums.

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Thank you for your response, this is helpful. Yes I see when I try to build a new deck it says I have to unlock Priest “Tyrande”

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If I remember right, you need to play in the practice mode and win a game against all the other classes to unlock them once you beat them.

My issue is that I have unlocked all modes, and beat all classes in practice and can make decks for all classes in my collection but can still only play as mage in standard.

maybe you don’t have any decks for other classes?
try to create new and there will be all 11 to choice