Which class does 'No Dupes' Best?

Hello all,

There are a few cards that say ‘aslong as your deck has no duplicates…’ that form no dupe decks!

I don’t know if every class does, but some classes have cards specially for it. My favorite thus far has been the ‘no dupes priest’, but I haven’t played warlock yet; I hear ‘renolock’ is very good.

Which class do ya’ll think is best for No Dupes?

WILD only


Renolock got best combo at the very late game. Killing opponent with thousand armor or iceblock. And the control package quite nasty. Wide array of AoE and draw engine after all these years.

Razakus really versatile. Heals against mages and combo against warlocks. Best value you can get from cabal classes.

Renomage with quest are nasty combo deck. Vargoth and his portal is so strong. And they can even win without that. Fastest from the cabal trio.

Thats the cabal class.

The other LoE class like hunter paladin and druid also exist. Bit a rare sight tho. They doest have clear wincon yet, nor tools to survive early aggressive onslaught.

Currently in wild imo, it’s mage first, priest second and warlock third.

After the inevitable mage nerfs though itll sink to the bottom, and give warlock more breathing room to beat our priest.

Mage and Priest.

If OTW gets nerfed, Mage can switch to Galaxy.

If Raza gets nerfed again, Priest has nowhere else to go.

OTW? What does that stand for?

In general I would say Warlock. No dupes decks suffer from a consistency issue where they cannot always get the right answers since they can’t run duplicates of those right answers, but Warlock has the ability to draw extra cards to dig for those buried options. They tend to have the largest hand sizes, the most ways to approach a problem, and the most fuel to keep playing.

That being said, Mage has the best Wild no-dupes deck, on account of Quest Mage finally having enough card generation that the no-dupes rule is no longer a major obstacle to completing the Time Warp quest. This makes them the Highlander deck with the strongest finisher, and thanks to good freeze cards, some of the best stalling capability. While Priest also has an OTK through Raza and Shadowreaper, Mage hits their OTK ability faster, and has better stall. All the survivability of a Reno deck, plus an OTK option, makes Mage the best no-dupes in Wild, at least for now.

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Open the Waygate. :clock1230: :clock230: :clock9: :clock1130:

Open the cancer

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In Wild with additional Kazakus (Mage, Priest and Warlock) it’s better, but they have some other minions:

  1. Inkmaster Solia for Mage: just worse Kalecgos or Dragoncaster with no-dup requirements which is very weak so most of highlander Mages does not play her

  2. Kruul the Unshackled for Warlock: is very powerful in theory, the fact is most Renolocks never use it as you rarely have enough demons and him in hand, usually you don’t or you already cheated them with Voidcaller and legendary weapon

  3. Raza the Chained: after un-nerfing is being played again, but it’s not super uber strong card

Anyway it’s Renolock and its different versions (Mecha’Thun, N’Zoth, Gul’Dan, aggro/deathrattle and more) that lives on and on through all expansions, always Tier 1-2. Reno Mage is old archetype but it took so long before viable T1 (OTK giants) archetype was born. Priest has Razakus machine gun which was dead and now is back.

Kazakus is e.g. very good for control warlocks (polymorphing which they haven’t) or Mages for damage, it’s very suitable and next to Zephrys and Reno TOP3 highlander card

Edit: I do not agree with guys above: I kill people with Reno Mecha’Thun Warlock faster than with OTW Giants Mage, also winratio is higher. Just don’t netdeck and think, most people who say that Highlander Mage has better OTK didn’t try other options at all.

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