Where's my DUST?

I wondered about this myself. Got the notification that I would get a bunch of dust but have about 34, which I had previously. So its not like I miscounted.

you are lying there is no law preventing them from changing anything in the game

that bit he quoted is something every single game company no matter the size let you know it may happen

i dont believe you because you are telling me shutting down a game like it happened to solforge was illegal

and you comparison doesnt make any sense

Defrauding millions of players… to the tune of billions…

What could go wrong?


Then according to you:

If you enter a business or store that says that they can do whatever they want to you by being there, are they are 100% immune to the laws of the country they do business in.

No wonder actiblizz is in trouble for their workplace environment. They think like you do, and believe laws don’t apply to them inside their walls.

A little place called enron tried it, and look where they are now. Oh wait. Probably had their own group of people saying “nah, it’ll be fine, don’t listen to these crazy people telling you about this ‘law’ nonsense.”

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lying again they dont do anything to you
only to stuff they sell
they tell you before you buy it theyll can change it later

you buy ingame items in any game knowing they may change it or remove it

you claim there are laws preventing ALL videogame companies from changing /updating patching their games but so far …no source or links

thats why i know you are lying

So they didn’t do anything. So if they didn’t do anything, what are we discussing. Oh wait. This is the worst gaslighting you’ve ever tried pulling off for the company.

Answer the question:

If you enter a business or store that says that they can do whatever they want to you by being there, are they are 100% immune to the laws of the country they do business in?

You claim I posted this:

But I’ll note no direct quote

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what …are you talking as if you were an artificial construct created by the company …like a videogame character ???there are no laws protecting videogame characters…

It’s a simple question, and yet you literally twist all logic and reason to avoid answering it. In typical manner as those who act as a spokesperson or promoter for the company do.

Answer the question without any strange nonsensical “people are video games.” Though with that reasoning, I can see why actiblizz wound up in the trouble it did with their workplace environment troubles:

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but the question doesnt make any sense at all becuase we are discussing game companies patching or updating videogames or their contents not the players
not just blizzard all game companies are free to change the games and they do it all the time with balance patches or updates

your question implies they change the players !

It literally does, except to those who for some strange reason refuse to ever empathize with the players, and never under any circumstance ever say a negative word about the company.

That’s a scary level of dehumanizing. It puts nearly every post of yours into context though: you refuse to see any issue from the player’s perspective. You instead post about “HOW MUCH FUN” you are having. That’s an almost clinical level of disregard for your fellow human beings on a regular basis.

One, that it should be answered. Something no poster who acts as a spokesperson or promoter for the company ever seems capable of doing. Your post about “people are video games” reveals the scary level of dehumanizing that seems to go on behind the scenes at actiblizz, given their attitude towards their own employees and the playerbase as a whole.

Two, that no company is above the law.

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They dont call us the cattle class for nothing.
Useless eaters… etc etc


[Where’s my DUST?]

in shareholders’ pockets …


I can only imagine what the company actually thinks about us, given the current state of the game. One could guess, based on how they treat their own employees.

They’d stiff them too (and all their boneheaded moves are because it’s costing them money), except that’s a much shorter route to jail.

Has anyone got the dust that was promised yet?

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Try to read the first post where everything is explained.
Chances are you were given dust by error