When are quests being fixed

Am now stuck with three quests in classes I dont have cards for
and are all the minimum amount of gold.
When is the HS team fixing this crap?

Next Tuesday

Ridiculous. This could be repaired with a thirty minute hotfix.
Blizzard’s response is emblematic of everything that is wrong in today’s society. “We could fix it immediately, but if We wait then the Activision shareholders will save a tenth of a percent in shareholder profits.” I’m sick of corporate greed, and the lazy, self absorbed, over entitled rich people who think having money places them above and beyond all others’ concerns.
They used the infrastructure that you and I paid for to get rich, but they don’t believe they should pay the same percentage that you and I do in order to maintain it. This repair is child’s play. Blizzard is simply cheap and greedy,

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You clearly have no idea how a professional developpement team works and how production processes work.
Please refrain yourself from calling something ridiculous when you have no knowledge about it.

Thanks in advance, a professional developper.

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You can complete quests in Tavern Brawls, this week you get a randomized deck so your collection does not matter.

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I’ll do as I like. I pay for this product, same as you.
I could not care less that you didn’t like my Post

I don’t care about whether you like it or not, and you’re free to give your point of view.
Still, I’m free to tell you that you are judging the job of people doing things as they should do in a professionnal way.
The fact you don’t care about it shows that you are :

  1. a retarded dude that is not able to use 3 neurons in order to understand basic things such as “when you have milions of clients, you can’t do 30 minutes made hotfixes”
  2. a child that lives in a candy world and who doesn’t understand what’s going on in the adult world

And come on dude, every one knows it’s the first one.

But still, it’s always pretty fun to see idiots thinking they know better about people’s job. You’re on the left of the Dunning Kruger’s curve.
(yeah I know, you just learnt something, you’re welcome)

All I’ve learned is that you somehow think you are better than others.
Not exactly a revelation.

When!!! I can’t re-roll any quests. Fix this Blizzard!!

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You are quite toxic bro. Try to have a conversation without calling people stupid multiple times.

I agree with the OP. It has been days and i still cannot reroll my quests and it is quite possible for it to be fixed within a 30 minute hotfix, if the servers are even going to be down that long.

Do you have access to blizzard’s development team or the hearthstone code? Thats right, you don’t. You are the one that has no idea how efficient their code is structured or how fast their team is at fixing issues.

Please refrain yourself from calling something ridiculous when you have no knowledge about it.


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Do you? Otherwise, your claim is as baseless as Touillette’s, isn’t it?

I’m not claiming to having access to anything other than my own opinion and speculation. And i think its completely possible and probable that a programmer at blizzard has already caught the buggy code and can roll out a hotfix today instead of waiting until tuesday. The downtime for the hotfix could be less than 30 minutes too.

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But if that’s all you have, what makes your position better than Touillette’s? Nothing, that’s what. Which is fine, since none of us are (AFAIK) Blizzard programmers. But if the basis for your opinion is no better than anyone else’s, maybe don’t go around claiming is other people who have no idea how Blizzard works.

Or do. Whatever rocks your float.

And clearly you don’t even…
If this was my company, the fix would be in production within 15 minutes.

We push on average 5 units of code into production within an hour.

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You are not a professional. No professional would ever call another person a “retarded dude”.

You are lucky you did not use your real name or I would report you to your boss(provided you even have a job)

A professional… Yeah right. More like a spoiled child.


there is no need to be a proffessional to realize anyone claiming all the bugs we have can be fixed in 30 min and called it a "child play " doenst know whats hes talking about

Begging your pardon, but the dev team already claimed to have fixed this (able to obtain new quests) with a similar hotfix. Turns out, they didn’t fix the problems, but were it absolutely not possible why would they make the claim in the first place?
I don’t need to know how the team works when I could quote their own words.
I could also cite countless hotfixes in the past where issues were dealt with in under an hour. I have been here since the beginning and I remember.
i also know how players like to accuse folks who make the claim of being a beta player liars.
Anyone who doubts me can ask Wardrum how long I’ve been here. I was on the old forums practically from jump. I have seen Blizzard work miracles when it suits their investors.

I can definitely vouch for you being on the old forums.

I work with Alzheimers/Dementia residents and I take it upon myself to educate people - not belittle them for not knowing how it works.

We have an instructor that brings her students in and anytime they need checked off on anything, she brings them to me because she knows not only will I provide them with what they need, I will answer all their questions, no matter how many times they ask.

As I always say, “I’d rather answer and explain it a thousand times and for you to get it right than for you to be unsure.”

Secondly, a professional in your field does not mean an educator in your field unless you’re an instructor/teacher/educator in that field.

Very few people are actually good at educating others and very few have the patience for it - hence when faced with someone that doesn’t seem to know about your field, some folks resort to name-calling, or sticking their nose up in the air at their “ignorance.”

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Won’t bother explaining my job to people that don’t want to understand it and judge it without knowing anything about it.
By the way, I will take the time to explain it to anyone showing an ounce of interest in it.

But you know when someone just tells “it’s easy duh, just do that” when it’s obviously way more complex than that, I don’t really want to waste time in explanations.
Of course I shouldn’t have called that guy the way I did, but I way more than fed up with all those people thinking they know better than developpers just because they go on the internet daily.

I have 3 quest to watch a friend is Spectator mode…I don’t have friends who play to watch, and I don’t accept friend requests. I usually just delete and get a new one, but this is screwed up like the broken Squelch.

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