What's the counter to Guff ramp druid variants?

I recently started playing constructed (mainly have been playing bgs so far) after having opened a bunch of packs from the gold rewards. I wanted to try with something relatively cheaper so I made a basic undead priest variant which seemed viable enough. It has won 2 games total against the old evo shaman (maybe the win rate might be better now?) and lately just falters hard against most paladin and most druid decks. The paladin ones at least it feels like a game. But it never does against druid. I think I’ve won the one game against druid and lost several despite what felt like great stealing rng.

I crafted a variant of that druid deck (there’s several from what I understand) and…it actually felt like I just couldn’t lose. There was even a game where I got Guff suuuuper late and still just felt in control of the entire game. Just felt like I always had answers to everything. Even in games where the ramp was far back in the deck there was no shortage of those answers. Plus the anubrekan combo with brann and that one manathirst card feels broken and actually unstoppable