What’s your favorite underrated card?


I actually love this card to


I’ll mention two:

Ravencaller. Generating 1-mana minions is better than you might think because on average they have best stat return on mana.

Book of Spectres. I just really like how the parts of minion/hand mage they’ve given us so far work together.


Snowflipper Penguin all the way. Simple, fair, adorable and surprisingly nuanced for a vanilla minion.


Sacrificial Pact. In conjunction with Demonic Project, you can effectively kill an opponent’s minion in hand, gain health, and possibly make them lose something (cards, health, etc.) in the process.


One of my favorite cards to this day is good ole bolvar (the first one, not the shiny koft one).

(August Dean Ayala) #20

Dire Frenzy is probably my favorite under utilized card.


What do you like about dire frenzy? I’m genuinely curious.

I like the concept of the card as well since it’s multifunctional. Buffing a minion and shuffling cards into your deck (buffed versions of the minion).


King Mosh…

He was actually good during Un’goro against Jade and Quest Rogues. But he was only slightly better than Death Wing. So, obviously and sadly he isn’t now played.


For me it would have to be Galvadon, because when those adapts hit right. For example getting stealth plus windfury and buffs to attack and health, your opponent is going to be in for a world of pain next turn if they can’t do anything about it.


He’s not that bad if you don’t die turn 4.


It has to be Mana Addict. It’s just so rewarding when opponent cannot remove it.


Idk if it’s underrated exactly, but I loved playing around with Mana Geode when it was in standard.


Which is why I use Rebuke in my Galvadon deck. Nether this!


Nexus champion was always fun to play for me.


Not sure if it’s underrated but an currently loving Academic Espionage. Hoping the new expansion gives me the tools to really play around with it more.


Witches cauldron. You can get some funny results with it.


I d say Cenarius. This card can do miracles in token druid decks but still its destined to see 0 play due to its high cost.



Deathwing is what I would call a really good card design. It is a really powerful board clear, that also puts out a threat to your opponent. BUT, it comes with a (potentially) huge cost. It is really good in top deck mode, but really bad when you have a full hand. And it is not overpowered. Every class has ways to remove it.

I really like the card, but unfortunately, with every expansion, it becomes worse and worse. More and more minions are added that you do not want to kill, making Deathwing pretty much a useless card now. And given the more aggressive metas lately, 10 Mana cost also does not help him.


Alarm-o-bot, I just love the frantic attempts to kill him in my paladin deck with secrets.

Meatwagon, similar. People are just never sure how to react to it. Do I want them to kill it, or am I going to buff it next turn (the answer is both, cause it is getting rezzed)?

Rogue secrets cheat death and sudden betrayal. Such fun.


He wrecks mass hysteria soaks up mage removal and can even make little 1/1 s with taunt(that already don’t seem to die) live foreves.
Really good card when played correctly on a carefully constructed board :heart: