What happened to solo adventures?

Has there been any news related to solo adventures in Festival of Legends? The previous expansion one was very short, castle nathria didn’t have one at all, sunken city added faelin to book of heroes which is very little as well. Also the book of mercenaries / heroes aren’t particularly liked for their content as far as I know too. What happened to the good format they had with saviors of uldum or even kobolds and catacombs?


No body knows. It could be because these things don’t make much money, or it could be because the team got axed. I always enjoyed the Solo Adventures as a companion to expansions and I think they should continue to do them. But do them properly (no cringey heroes no one cares about). Follow the Warcraft lore. There are many iconic characters to choose from.


Festival of legends solo gameplay was a single tavern brawl, castle nathria had its secret investigation minigame.

And titans…had nothing.

They clearly are trying to reduce costs and maximize money after they moved away from china.

And these days, people barely do solo content.


Why didn’t they make this a Solo Adventure?!? I hope they add it as one. It was certainly more of a Solo Adventure than a Tavern Brawl!

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My hypothesis is that the game is getting too big for people’s phones and they’re trying to limit how much space is taken up by content that people will play once and then never again.

are these worth doing now?

If you enjoy the story of Warcraft they are definitely worth doing.


I played day 1 and left for awhile, how is this not a thing?

Yeah this is correct. Very cool to go through the solo content and it is rewarding to pass time.


I also liked the dungeon runs. I played that a lot. Especially when a set has been out for a while and ranked is getting boring as everyone is just playing the same stuff.
Dungeon runs could easily be made into a separate single player mode, with updates to treasures and rules, etc.
Solo adventures like Frozen Throne and Karazhan was also fun, where you have to create a specific deck to beat it. But there has to be SOME deck creating element to it. I am not a fan of the others, where they just give you a deck.

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Aside from the blatant trolls in this thread that wouldn’t know a good roguelike runner if it was about a child crying on literal poop… There IS a point to the League of Explorers and League of E.V.I.L stories. The prize for Tombs of Terror is unlocking Grand Pharoh Tekahn, the prize for completing Rise of Galakrond was, among other things, grand lackey Erkh. The components for one to make a ridiculously good lackey deck was my takeaway from beating the BALANCED solo adventures as opposed to “this fight is impossible for this class, this class, and this class, what you wanted Arthas as a skin DIDN’T YOU?” Not sure why the adventures with no memorable heroes to play as and rigged af opponents are what you take away from this, but as the sole lackey warlock player in the game right now I know for a FACT that The Dalaran Heist, it’s hard mode cardback, and the rest of the League trilogy are the main reason why I even bothered still playing past Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.

Arthas was far from impossible to get, there has always been a way for every class

Not every one has to like roguelikes. A single fight of trial and error until you succeed can be thrilling and is what some players will prefer. And some will just enjoy both. And I’m speaking as a player that completed all adventure modes in heroic and is trying to slowly 100% all the roguelike ones.