What do I need to do to get better?

As someone who has played off and on for a few years. This past few months I’ve really kinda stuck to it. I can’t get out of Silver. I’ve dusted older cards to make some newer ones, but that is a joke. I don’t have extra money to put to packs, and I take all my coins, and I put them into the packs.
Am I doing something wrong? Am I not devoting enough time to play a day? I finish my Daily’s, and weekly’s almost the same day I get them. Every time I play, I feel like I get 2 steps ahead, and then I get a bad hand, or someone bust out this strange deck that just rocks my world. Then I’m knocked back a peg, or two. The uphill climb seems to hard for the outcome, and the dust is never there when you need it.
I guess what I’m asking is. How do I get better in in this game?


WelL there are many reasons i used to be stuck on the old ladder at rank 8 i think.
Can you post one of your replays ?

How would I do that?

i found, when i was ftp, that you have to choose whether you want to focus on standard collection or have wild cards. i chose standard and dusted every card that rotated, to craft cards from new sets. it took 3-4 years, but i finally got a full set of standard. (this was before the reward’s track existed.) with the rewards track, it should be faster to accumulate a full collection, by just keeping up with quests. it will still take time though. if you can afford the $20 every 4 months for the paid reward’s track, i would also suggest you make that purchase. the cosmetics don’t help at all, but the experience booster helps with resources a lot.
if you are playing on a pc. using deck trackers to review your play is also very helpful. you can go turn by turn and see where you could’ve/shoud’ve made better plays.
at one point in time i would’ve recommended watching streamers, but there aren’t many that explain their reasoning for plays anymore. so probably not as helpful as in the past.
hope something here helps. good gaming to you going forward.


The biggest thing I’ve learned from my newbie days to now when I’m usually platinum is card draw. Always include cards like novice engineer or azure dragon that can add to your hand. You’d be surprised how many games can be won just by snagging that second card in a turn.
I also used to switch decks constantly while ladder climbing. This doesn’t really work. Familiarity with your deck is key. I now play pirate warrior on wild and frost dk on standard. I recently had some trouble with disconnects so I’ve not been climbing much this month. But last month I won 97 games with dk. At gold/plat there was a lot of backsliding win one game, lose the next etc but it is still fun when it connects.

Game sucks , reinstalled then deleted again

Hi sorry for the late replay you can download hearthstone decktracker from hs replay it helps you in game it is free but the premioum shows legend and high legend stats.

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