Weekly Quests nerfed from 15 to 10

Just a PSA in case anyone didn’t notice yet.

Doesn’t feel nearly as bad as 3X the old quests, just double. Still pretty much pointless change, but just an FYI it’s been changed.

Still not acceptable.


It’s not pointless. It’s a significant hit to casual players.


Yeah there’s quite a full patchnote for that

Yeah its still 2x thr hours for 20% ‘more’ pay. Who wants to play 20 (bad) tavern brawls Avg a week for quests?

I think if it was focused on the players creating a week sensitive tiered quest system that vould reward BOTH casual and dedicated and grinder could be the best of both worlds. With options for levers to tune diminishing rewards or increasing ones.

I also feel like instead of making weeklies a grindfest i feel like they could make repeated legends slightly more rewarding. I miss the +1 golden epic card but the packs are nice. But legend idk usually feels like 3-10 hrs a month for a 1$ pack. For a monthly grind ± competitve deck dust costs to keep up to date in standard. I feel like it could be a bit more rewarding.

Considering you’re often lucky to spend 3000-5000 vs 10000-22000 (100-200$ dust worth in $$$). Legend rewards just seem relatively low. I think even entering tournament qualifiers for packs used to literally give like 3-7+ packs a week. Why is a monthly legend so seemingly unrewarding?

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It’s still not a 1:1 ratio

Glad I’m from a generation that doesn’t need to be rewarded for playing games on my free time. Countless games I let daily or weekly bs just sit there like it doesn’t exist. Maybe y’all should go back to the 90’s or early 2000’s feel of just playing a game to have fun. When I used to play MTG down at my local shop, I would end up spending money to have fun by opening booster boxes/packs.

These days you have to develop a game for free, and give 1000 rewards daily so the zoomers and younger generations won’t complain incessantly


I am 60, so not part of the “younger generations”. Some people, like me, paid money for the expanded rewards track. Then Blizzard changed the requirements in the middle of the season, after being paid.
To top it off they made the Battlegrounds weekly quest harder than most of the others. To win a game of battlegrounds takes about 35 minutes. It now takes almost 3 extra hours to get a 20% boost in experience. That doesnt take into account the games you lost trying to get 5 more wins.
Same with the ladder quest. Its doubled, and likely doubled the time to get only 20% more benefit.
Perhaps you dont value 3 hours of your time. I do. I would think that someone from a generation who was actually taught math and the value of things wouldnt blow off being ripped off.


When I’m on my computer my time is completely free. If I have time to sit playing WoW, D2R, Hearthstone or enjoy some fun on the forums, then it doesn’t really matter about my time. Sorry that $15 is burning a whole in your pocket.

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Thanks for proving that wisdom and intelligence dont come with age.


It just sets a bad precedent. Next up the dust it takes to craft a legendary goes from 1600 to 3200… so on and so forth.

Glad they scaled the weekly quests down from 15, that number was insane. Even 10 feels like too much, I’d have done maybe 7, a win a day, 2 if you’ve got the Arena, BG, Tavernbrawl one as well. That seems much more manageable, but still appreciate them responding to our feedback.

They should combine all wins into 1 I think. So any mode counts towards it.