Week 1 Decks You Want To Try?

Now that the cards have been revealed, and the fact I haven’t seen a post like this, yet. What archetypes are you looking forward to trying out during the first week Wild Wild West Meta? Me?

Spell Damage Mage & some sort of Ramp Beast Druid (looked fun during the reveal today).

Shardlock Holmes seems like a nice deck

Instructor Fireheart -> Dwarven Archeologist x2 -> Fireheart -> Lightningbolt * 10 combo

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Instructor Fireheart plus 2 Dwarven Archaeologists just seems like guaranteed fun, no matter what you discover.*

*As long as what you discover costs 2 or less.

Some kind of big demon soul shard warlock, spell damage mage, tempo mage, quest hunter in some form.

exodia mage, i liked using it before, glad it kinda is back.

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Pure paladin, now with good minions

Steal your opponents deck priest

Mrgl prime spam

Zoo priest for sure. Probably something with mage so can use the cool Kel’thuzad portrait from pre-ordering, and likely some kind of demon hunter, need to get that to level 60 at some point… Probably highlander quest shaman too as there is lot of nice new cards for quest shaman in the set.

Like what? Highlander quest shaman is my favorite deck but the battlecries I’ve seen are lackluster.

Rattlegore deck with undertakah and bloodsworn mercenary.

Instructor Fireheart
Steward of Scrolls

Also with all that spell generation added, can also put Marshspawn in the deck now and reliably able to get it’s battlecry off, despite not having more than a couple spells in the deck itself.

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  1. Quest Mage.

  2. Priest with Mindrender Illucia.

  3. Malygos Warlock.

  4. New Archetypes i’m too blind to see.

  5. Ramp Druid in some form.

  6. Zoo Warlock if it’s broken.

  1. Tempo/aggro DH
  2. Totem Shaman
  3. Potion of Illusion Combo Mage
  4. Spell Damage Shaman
  5. Control DH

Shaman - Hyper-Burn or control HL (no quest)
Priest - Steal tempo (frazzled, feast, luminance… and stealers)
Mage - Spell damage / exodia (probably a mixture, still theorizing)
Neo-Zoolock (got a few ideas, dunno yet)
Budget Rogue aggro
Hermionie face hunter (mini jeeves, forgot name)

Zoolock and some sort of Big Warrior.

I don’t think a pure zoo priest will be nearly as effective as an actual midrange priest build. Zoo hinges too much toward aggro, and priest just doesn’t have the draw to make that work. However, midrange priest is looking quite powerful to me, and I plan on building a midrange dragon buffing priest day 1!

–The difference between a zoo build versus a midrange build will be the curve. If the deck sticks to almost exclusively 1-3 cost cards or less and caps out around 5 mana == zoo. Midrange builds typically have 4-8 cards that cost 6+ mana as their top end to close against control, and a higher costed threat density in general.

— Alura is probably the card I’m going to try out first. I definitely want to try some sort of Tempo Buff Priest with her. Maybe trying her with parts of the Priest/Warlock package. And maybe with some Eggs and Teron.
I might try her out in Paladin as well.

— Some sort of Spell Damage Mage. Potion of Illusion shenanigans are another option in Mage.

— Maybe Spell Damage Shaman as well.

In no particular order:

  • Burn Shaman
  • Pure Paladin (I feel the updated list is going to feel a lot better than what is currently in the list)
  • Soul Fragment Handlock
  • DR Beast Hunter
  • Cyclone Spell Damage Mage

Voracious Reader takes care of the draw problem for zoo priest.

the deck that beat any decks